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100 Happy Days 2

By Chrryblossomtat2
It's bloomin miserable out there, all gray and drizzly and yet muggy at the same time. I woke up early and now I can't get back to sleep though I have tried most desperately - of course Maggie snoring away here beside me isn't helping. In fact it's just not cricket at all, I may poke her (I didn't, she's too adorable).
To give me some fun and allow a break to remember the good times over the past 20 days I've only gone and done one of my 'happy days collages'. I know I finished that challenge once before, but a photo of something good every day really did lift my spirits last time so this is 100 Happy Days take 2, I do hope you enjoy...
100 happy days 2Day 1 - The back garden this evening is just beautiful with the sunset.. Day 2Bumble bees are so fabulous! 
Day 3Wild meadow next plot over... Day 4Red gooseberry jam :)
Day 5Ohhh naughty, a lemon and poppy cupcake...;)
100 happy days 2Day 6 - Pinky-peach rose on the bush  Day 7Just a little bit of the garlic harvest on the plot 
Day 8Guess what I'm gooseberry jam! ;) Day 9A stunning trough with 2 mini rose plants in it! What a way to end the week :) Thanks to Day 10  - A pen pal letter arrived today!!! = :)
100 happy days 2Day 11Maggie takes a selfie Day 12 On the hammock reading a little and writing a blog post :) 
Day 13Mr Grumpy Cat, Whitehead :) Day 14Our stunning little window boxes are doing us proud ;) Day 15 Wow! That's a dahlia in full blossom! Firework!
100 happy days 2Day 16First ever name hoop done today - for a family member Rylee, in case you can't read it. 
Day 17Last nights doddle colouring. Day 18Maggie wishes her cousin a very Happy 2nd Birthday!
Day 19Beautiful dahlia in the back garden ;) Day 20More posies ;)

A little peek into what has been making me happy. I urge you to try this exercise out - all you need is a camera phone and everyday just appreciate something beautiful. It is certainly helping me to forget all the anxiety attacks and depression that goes on each day as well.

Hugs and Love
Carrie x

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