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10 YouTube Tag Generator Tools For YouTube Videos

Posted on the 02 October 2017 by Jyoti92 @Jyoti_Chauhan1

Tags are the crucial part of Youtube SEO and they play a vital role in ranking any video to get more views. In this article, I’ve compiled a list of top 10 Youtube tag generator Tools, that suggests you what tags to use on youtube!

If you are a Youtuber, you must have an idea that finding out relevant tags for the youtube video is an effort taking a task and it does require a lot of time. But with the help of youtube tags generator, this tedious task becomes seamless.

If you are new to Youtube and don’t know much about what are Youtube tags and why they are so important in Youtube SEO, you can refer to my Previous article.

There, I’ve specified almost everything regarding Youtube tags including its definition, relevance and also, how to tag youtube videos to get more views. Now coming to our today’s topic that is, youtube tag generator!

Once you get to know about these youtube tag generator tools, you will never ever require brainstorming about Youtube tag ideas! So let’s move ahead and check out 10 Youtube tag generator tools For Youtube videos.

10 Youtube Tag Generator Tools For Youtube Videos

10 YouTube Tag Generator Tools For YouTube Videos

There are several youtube tag generator tools available on the Internet for Tags discovery. But all of the tools aren’t the best. To ease your work, I’ve done the research on your behalf and have created this list of top 10 youtube tag generator tools. Let’s get started!

1). Rapid Tags


10 YouTube Tag Generator Tools For YouTube Videos

If you are looking for a youtube tag generator that is fast, reliable and features rich, Rapid Tags is the one for you!

Once you will start using Rapid Tags for finding out the Youtube tags for your videos, you will know how efficient this tool is. While most of the Tag generators only provide you with a bunch of keywords to choose from, Rapid Tags gives you precise and useful tags.

The tags you get on Rapid tags are exactly in the same format as we see on Youtube tags section. You can now copy these tags and paste under your video’s tag section. And this can be done in just a few clicks.

The interface of Rapid Tags is seamless! And the best part of Rapid tags is, it’s absolutely free to use, not even a sign up is required on the website. The best thing about this website which I like the most is the rank analyzer.

You can easily track if the keyword you are willing to target ranks on Youtube. And if it does, how many searches does it get, what’s the engagement ratios and likes rate. You can also track a video with the Ranker and Tracker tools.


10 YouTube Tag Generator Tools For YouTube Videos


If you are looking for the simpler yet powerful research tool for Youtube keywords, KPARSER may help you!

KParser is a free youtube tag generator tool which is really convenient to use and provides fast results. As sooner you put your search query on the Kparser, it gathers the most relevant keywords related to your searched term.

To get started with KParser, you first need to visit the given website. Now scroll down the page till the last to reach the youtube tag generator tool. In the search field, just type in your video titles, or the keywords you want similar results for, and press Enter.

You can filter the results based on your country, language, numbers, alphabets, questions and so forth. Once you are done setting up the filter, just press the start button. Soon after, you will be provided with the desired video tags or keywords.

3). Keyword Keg


10 YouTube Tag Generator Tools For YouTube Videos

Keyword keg is data pool of all sources that offers a high range of data regarding the searched keyword. You can analyze these keywords on their relevance, trends, and potential to target on Your Youtube videos.

If you are planning to optimize your video’s tags to generate most organic views, Keyword Keg is going to the best choice for you. For PCC campaigns and partner programs to show video ads on YouTube, keyword Keg helps you find the most relevant keywords super fast.

Keyword Keg uses YouTube suggest API to show the most searched terms on Youtube search engine and offers long tail keywords to target on your videos.

Not just that, the keywords results also shows important data like the number of searches per month, CPC SEO difficulty, and other important data. Depending upon these data about the keyword, you can make most out of those keywords in Youtube or blogging.

To find the Youtube tags on keyword Keg, you need to sign up on their website. Without signing up, you can check only up to 5 results related to your searched keyword. Perhaps, Keyword Keg is one of the most advanced tools for bloggers, Internet marketers, and Youtubes.

4). Keyword Tool


10 YouTube Tag Generator Tools For YouTube Videos

The next up we have is Keyword tool. It’s one of the best Keyword research tools, that helps you generate hundreds of keywords for your Youtube videos within seconds.

Keyword tool is extremely easy to use. It’s free and doesn’t require any sign-up! To generate keyword ideas, Keyword Tool makes use of Youtube Auto-suggest option. The auto suggestions are the highest search keywords on the Youtube.

If you search any query on Youtube search bar, you must have noticed that even typing a few words of a search query, Youtube suggests several options auto-completing your sentence.

Collecting all these search phrases manually is a difficult task, But Keyword Tool does that all in seconds and provides us with the results. Moreover, to make the keyword suggestions more relevant, Keyword Tool allows selecting the country and language for the keywords.

5). Better Way to Web


10 YouTube Tag Generator Tools For YouTube Videos

Better Way to Web is an amazing youtube video tags generator, that’s worth giving a try! Like most of the youtube tag generator tools mentioned in the list, better Way To Web also offers a long list of tags regarding any keyword you make a search for.

But the feature that sets this tool apart is the offering to view Competitor’s tag. Optimizing Youtube tags with the highest search keyword is an important SEO practice, but keeping eye on your competitor’s tags is also an important step to dominate your competition.

Better Way to Web lets you see the tags your competitors are using in just one click. In fact, I’ve written a detailed article on how to see tags of your competitors and why it’s an important SEO practice.

So, do check that article before you move to the next youtube tag generator.

6). Content Forest


10 YouTube Tag Generator Tools For YouTube Videos

If you are not impressed with the above-mentioned youtube tag generator tools, you can try your hands on Content Forest and trust me, it won’t let you down. Content Forest is the ultimate keyword generator with the most convenient interface.

No cluttered widgets, no confusing options, the Content forest has a very neat design which makes it one of the most appealing tools on the web.

To generate your desired keywords with Content Forest, all you need to do is just visit the website, Enter your keyword, set your search preferences and BOOM! WIthin seconds, you will be provided with a long list of keywords that you can use to optimize your Youtube videos to get optimum results.

The search filter you can set are, the country you are targeting, and the keyword type, like if you want a buying keyword, top 10s, how to or A-Z all type of keywords. So according to me, Content Forest is one of the finest youtube tag generator tools we have!

7). Uber Suggests


10 YouTube Tag Generator Tools For YouTube Videos

The next youtube tag generator that you can consider for keyword research is Uber Suggest. Like most of the other tools mentioned in the list, Uber Suggest is also not limited to just Youtube keyword research.

On Uber Suggests, you can get keyword suggestions for overall searched terms on the web, image search suggestions, shopping, Youtube, and News. And the best thing is, you can set the search suggestion filter based on different country.

The keyword suggestions you get on Uber Suggests have been categorized alphabetically. On making a search on any keyword, you will see some additional options coming up like view as text, download all, and rest.

These options make it extremely easy to save our selected keywords for later use. Overall, it’s a good platform with easiest and user-friendly interface, which you utilize for generating hundreds of Tags for your Youtube Video!



10 YouTube Tag Generator Tools For YouTube Videos is yet another youtube tag generator we have in our top 10 list. SEM-Tool as a whole is a powerful keyword research tool with several amazing features.

SEM-Tool integrates a tool known as Keyword Ideas Turbo Tool (KITT) that combines auto suggests results of most of the major platforms including Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo, Yandex, Yahoo and more!

SEM-Tool offers an Intuitive interface which makes discovering Keyword Ideas just a matter of few clicks. Apart from the keywords, SEM-Tool also offers additional data about the keyword like CPC, search volume, available results or real-time SERP rankings etc.

In order to search Keyword ideas on KITT, you simply need to enter a single keyword in the Keyword ideas search field and press the search button.

To make the search result more appropriate, select the country you want to target for your videos and then set the variations like whether you want the results to combine with numbers, characters etc.

9). SeoChat


10 YouTube Tag Generator Tools For YouTube Videos

Haven’t yet found your desired youtube tag generator?? Give SEO chat a try. Believe me, you will love using this tool.

It’s one of the extra ordinary tools for youtube video tags research. Not just Youtube tags but SEO chat lets you search tags and keywords for all the major platforms like Amazon, Bing, Google and of course Youtube.

But that’s your choice which platforms you want suggestions for. There are checkboxes below the search field where all the fields are by default checked. If you want results solely for Youtube, you can uncheck the rest of the options.

The search results you get under these categories are optimized accordingly. For instance, phrase suggestions coming up under Bing and Google are the most searched terms on these platforms. While the search suggestions for Amazon are of the commercial type, you will get broad search results for the Google and Bing.

And the phrases that come up under Youtube are entertaining and eye-catchy. You will easily understand how this youtube tag generator works as sooner you visit the website since the Interface of SEO Chat is very neat.

10). Keyword Tool Dominator


10 YouTube Tag Generator Tools For YouTube Videos

Keyword Tool Dominator is the last Youtube tag generator in the list. It’s really easy to work with KTD and even a beginner can start using it in minutes after he lands on the website.

Keyword Tool Dominator is free to use but you need to sign up on it in order to make unlimited keyword searches. WIthout sign up, you can only make up to three keyword searches.

The algorithm of KTD works similar to SEM-tool which fetch out Youtube auto-suggest data to offer most searched keyword phrases on Youtube.

So these are the top 10 youtube tag generator tools that you can consider. Apart from these tools, you can also use Google Keyword Planner, SEMrush, SEOProfiler, Moz etc for digging out the best tags.

These tools are generally known for providing keyword research to Bloggers. But as you know Youtube tags are nothing but the search keywords that bring the audience to your videos.

So using these tools as well, you can find the highest searched youtube tags that have low competition!


Brainstorming for Youtube tags manually is not as efficient as doing it with a youtube tag generator. That’s the reason, I’ve come up with the top 10 Youtube Tag Generator Tools you can consider for finding best and the most relevant Tags!

Youtube tags are not the only factor of Youtube search engine optimization, but it does play a really important role for ranking your Youtube videos. Once you understand to deal with tags, getting views on Youtube will become extremely easy for you.

But in case, if you don’t add Relevant Youtube tags under your Youtube description, the chances of getting higher views on Youtube becomes very low.

WIth that note, we have reached the end of the article. And I hope, you have now found the best youtube tag generator for you which you can rely upon.

If you know any other youtube tag generator tool which I’ve not added in the list, mention in the comment section! Also, if you liked the article, feel free to share it on your different social mediums.

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