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10 Ways to Make Your Team More Productive and Accomplished Today

By Lisa @Lisapatb

To PRODUCE - YOU must Accomplish! To ACCOMPLISH - YOU must PRODUCE to make your team more productive!

10 Ways to Make Your Team More Productive and Accomplished TodayWant to make your team more productive?

Think about it! From the day you were born....YOU were part of a team, a group of people who come together to reach a common goal. Your goal was to lead a productive life. Remember, your first support team could have consisted of YOU, your Mom, Dad, Brother, Sister etc. First, you needed them to accomplish the basic functions of life, namely walking, talking and more. Consequently, you unknowingly relied on them to accomplish your goal in life.

Each day you strive to be productive. To accomplish today's goal, you must produce the tools necessary to achieve. Today, YOU are the team leader. YOU set the goals. Next, YOU are solely responsible for YOUR success. Finally, YOU are THE Business Project Manager and Productivity Team Leader.

What do you do now? Go back to basics. Go back to your roots. Take one step at a time. Everything is a process. Remember you had to crawl before you could walk. You get the point. Likewise, keep in mind your struggles, frustrations, your wins, your losses. Furthermore, think about how you liked to be rewarded.

Put yourself in your team's shoes. Your goal is to motivate your team to help them achieve their highest productivity potential. How do you accomplish this? Fortunately, we have a tool for that.

Give your team the right tools to make your team more productive ask your team to dig a foundation? Do you give them a spoon, a shovel or a backhoe? They will all get the job done. They will all accomplish the task. But which tool is most productive?

Which tool will motivate them? Your business project may not be this extensive. However, the problems, solutions and pitfalls remain the same, despite the size of your task at hand. How do you choose the right tools for the right job to achieve the best results? Fortunately, we have a tool for that job too.

Below, you will find an infographic with 4 slides which outlines 10 Ways to Make Your Team More Productive. It is brought to you by Wrike, a free project tracking tool! It offers great tips for those like you, who lead others and are growing their small businesses.
Let's analyze each inspiring tool which leads to Team Productivity making your team more productive!

Prioritize to make your team really productive

You are planning a vacation. Therefore, you will need to know where, when, why and how to get there. Finally, you need to schedule your itinerary and prioritize what's most important to you. Likewise, your team needs a plan, vision and direction! They need to know where the project is going.

Most importantly, they need to know what to prioritize. They need constant communication from you on where to focus their energies. Hence, they need to know your immediate expectations. Otherwise, they lose focus, purpose, motivation, and accomplishment.

Small steps show progress. Progress motivates.

This project is YOUR baby. YOU are the teacher. You need to teach the team to crawl before they can walk. Sound familiar? You have the vision to see the end result of your project. But it's not so clear to your team.

Therefore, you need to feed them small pieces at a time by breaking the project down into segments. They need to realize their small victories along the way. This gives them a feeling of accomplishment. Crossing something off the to-do list is a powerful motivator.

Appreciation - THE strongest motivator to make your team more productive

10 Ways to Make Your Team More Productive and Accomplished Today
Give yourself a pat on the back! Kudos to you! You are an amazing project manager! Great job! Your efforts are extremely appreciated. Did you like these motivational accolades? Are you anxious to forge forward? That's how your team will feel. They need constant re-enforcement in knowing someone is noticing a job well done.

They need constant constructive feedback. The strongest motivator is appreciation. It cost nothing. The return on your investment is priceless! By showing appreciation to your team, you encourage eagerness to please, motivation to succeed and a sense of responsibility to achieve and be productive. Simply telling them, "Thank you for coming into work today" can set the tone for a successful day of accomplishment.

Let your team FLY! Key to making your team more productive

If your style is to delegate, then delegate! Don't micro-manage! It obstructs motivation! You can't be everything to everyone. It takes teamwork. You selected your team to accomplish a goal. You chose them because you trusted them to do the job.

Let them fly! They need a feeling of accomplishment. They need to believe they did it themselves. Remember how accomplished you felt, the first time you finished a puzzle all by yourself.

Stuck in the Mud?

Things happen. Things don't always go the way you envisioned. Your team is Stuck. Can't move forward. Obstacles deny them passage. No place to move. They look to you for help, insight, direction. Remember, you are not alone. You have a team. The team needs your motivation, not your criticism. Don't procrastinate. Act now.

Call the team together and LISTEN. Next, let them vent. Then lead them into brainstorming, sharing their ideas and tips. It will inspire solutions. Form a workshop. Include a fun-like element. Finally, listen to their feedback. They are taking ownership in your small business project and making it their own.

This produces energy, motivation, appreciation and accomplishment. A winning combination.

A picture is worth a thousand words

10 Ways to Make Your Team More Productive and Accomplished Today
Bet you've heard that more times than you can count. You do realize it works, right? Why not take it to the next level. Include it in your business project. It's a proven fact: A beautiful picture moves you, inspires you, motivates you. So use it.

Post pictures, posters or post-it notes of the project, at all stages of development, around the work area. It reinforces the team's feeling of accomplishment. Having pictures around will make your team more productive than without them.

Honey, I had a bad night.

😀😝😤😖 Which is it? Happy face or Sad face? You are the motivator as well as the positive force that leads to productivity. You, as the project manager, create the tone for the day, good or bad, the moment you step foot in the office. Your team can sense your attitude. Always show your good mood face.

Your team does not expect to hear about the bad night you had last night. Don't bring your bad mood to work. Keep your mood in check. Sometimes it's difficult. My husband would call me at work every day to see how my day was going. The moment I said Hello, he was the only one who knew if I was having a good or a bad day. I tried to hide it, but he could see through me. He's special that way!

Let Your Hair Down.

Your team is a group of people who come together to reach a common goal. Get to know your team. Let them get them to know each other. Inspire them to like each other. Get them to have fun together. Provide a festive atmosphere where they can let their hair down, de-stress, be themselves, relax and most of all HAVE FUN!

Create a Fun Shop. Organize an outing related to your project theme. Then, add some interactive fun-time and lighten the mood. This will really make your team more prolific!

Use all the right tools available to you.

A tool is a devise which carry's out a particular function. The tools of your trade are some of your most valuable assets. The internet is a perfect tool for you.

Look for specific resources that point directly to your business projects. You will realize success more efficiently by utilizing a Business Project Management software geared specifically suited for your needs.

Finally, there are Small Business Project Management software's that are available. Do not overlook the other valuable tool seen below, Wrike, the award-winning collaboration and project management software geared to inspire you to succeed and reach your goal.

Visit today and be inspired to produce to accomplish your goal. Wrike will help you to make your team more productive today!

10 Ways to Make Your Team More Productive and Accomplished Today

Infographic brought to you by Wrike small business project management software

So, do you feel inspired, motivated, productive? Are you making your team more productive? I'd like to know. I care. Please comment.

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10 Ways to Make Your Team More Productive and Accomplished Today

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