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10 Top Go-to Accessories When You Start Redecorating Your Home

By Simone Design Blog @HomeSpire

At some point you will need to either decorate or redecorate your home. It can be an expensive exercise, particularly if you choose to replace some of the larger furniture. However, furniture, paint and flooring can only do so much; they will only create the shell of a home. The one thing that differentiates your home from someone else's is the personal touches, the accessories. The following are the top ten accessories to consider adding to your home:

It is very easy to pick up a mirror from almost any store or antique shop, car boot sale or market. They can be as grand or intimate as you desire. They are excellent accessories as they will bounce light around your home, allow you to check your appearance and delight children when they catch a glimpse of themselves.

10 Top go-to Accessories when you Start Redecorating your Home

These can be used as simple ornaments, particularly in elegant containers. They can also add a pleasant aroma to the room, even when not lit. A candle or several candles is also an excellent way to set the mood; particularly if you are looking forward to a romantic evening!

Using plants around your house will bring a touch of brightness to each room. It will also help with the air quality and help you to feel better on a miserable day. House plants can be inexpensive and easy to look after whilst helping you to bring the outside in.

Almost everyone has a collection of some sort; it may be old coins, stamps or simply all the music from the 1980's. Whatever collection you have, make sure it is displayed or out and easily accessible. It will make your home feel comfortable and personal. It will also provide a talking point for any visitors; people are also drawn to a collection!

A rug will warm a cold floor, break up a large space or simply add a touch of color to complement your interior décor. There are many different styles and textures available; there will be something to suit your tastes. Don't forget about doormats wither; business doormats should be placed outside your home office to raise awareness as well as trap unwanted dirt and grime.

10 Top go-to Accessories when you Start Redecorating your Home

You do not need to display a work of art by Van Gogh to show artistic appreciation! Any picture which appeals to you, or has been created by a family member can adorn your walls and personalize your space. Religious or classical images will usually find a place in any home. The best pieces to look for are the ones which are unique and define your tastes and preferences.

Some people prefer to have very little on display and the bare essentials in terms of furniture. This approach is perfectly acceptable! The idea is not to have any accessories but to have a few, well chosen, quality pieces which reflect your lifestyle. Floors should be kept free of clutter and colors kept solid.

Storage is always one of those things that a home could do with more of. One of the best solutions is to have a closet organizer. Alternatively it can be beneficial to use large wicker baskets, containers under the bed or cleverly designed hidden storage spaces. The trick is to create storage space without looking like you are creating additional storage!

10 Top go-to Accessories when you Start Redecorating your Home

This is a popular accessory for any home and has been for many years. Ornate ones do not need to have anything in them, although you may prefer to have flowers or a selection of dried glasses. Ideally each vase should have a story behind it; making it a beautiful accessory, a memory and a talking point!

This is an often overlooked item which resides in the majority of houses. It is often left in a cupboard and pulled out when needed; it is generally a comforting sight in times of trouble and can help families to bond. You can choose between a huge variety of designs and styles, from old teapots, to modern, funky ones. Choose one that appeals to you or has sentimental value and keep it on display; it is there when you need it and a comfort the rest of the time.

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