10 Tips To Choose The Better SSL Certificates Provider

Posted on the 11 February 2019 by Benson Pearce

Before we begin, let us understand what is an SSL certificate? SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer. It is basically a protocol which provides encryption. SSL certificates are installed on the pages that ask website visitors to enter sensitive information such as banking details. The ultimate purpose of SSL certificates is to ensure all the data transmitted between the web server and browser remains safe.

There are several advantages of using SSL certificates. One of the biggest advantages of using SSL certificates is that it improves SEO (search engine optimization). Yes, the presence of an SSL certificate is a ranking signal. SEO experts have found a correlation between HTTPS websites and search engine ranking. However, that does not mean SSL certificates give you a guaranteed higher ranking. There are other factors that also play a vital role such as On-page SEO and Off-Page SEO.

Therefore, it can be said that SSL certificates are one of the key ingredients of a website. If you are planning to install SSL certificates, then you must consider some important points. Here are the 10 tips to choose the better SSL certificates provider.

1. A valid EV SSL certificate

If you just google “SSL certificate providers”, you will find numerous providers. So, the most important thing that you need to do is pick the right one. That can be done by inspecting various aspects of an SSL certificate provider.

Before buying an SSL certificate, do proper background research of the provider. Some providers do not have extended validation SSL certificate themselves. Do not buy from such companies. Usually, these companies attract website owners by offering security certificates at cheap rates. Buy only from a provider who has a green bar. It is the most fundamental quality of the provider’s website.

2. Phone Support

It is not uncommon to face technical issues because web servers are involved. So before you make a move, make sure your provider has a dedicated 24/7 phone support. Trust us, Email support is not always a good option. That is because it is always easy to convey the message via call. So, choose a provider to whom you can call at 2 in the night and get your issues solved.

3. Money back guarantee

Companies that are reputed and confident do not hesitate to offer a money back guarantee. They know very well that such guarantees build instant trust in the customer. So, if you are looking for the SSL provider, check whether the company is providing any guarantee.

Some companies offer a free trial for a certain period of time. This is also a pretty good option. You can give a trial before investing your money. Only when you are confident you can go for the paid services. If an SSL provider is not giving a free trial, money back guarantees or any guarantee, then back off. Always make sure the provider is worth the risk.

4. SSL tools

Let us talk about the most overlooked point. Yes, very few people think of SSL tools while choosing an SSL provider. These tools have a role to play. So, it makes sense to know about these things before choosing a company. SEO experts usually recommend an SSL provider that provides tools to authenticate SSL security features. In addition to that, these tools will also help you to confirm whether the SSL is installed on the web server or not. So yes, SSL tools matter.

5. Auto SSL Renewal System

So what is auto SSL? It is a feature built into cPanel to renew certificates automatically after they get expired. Most of the new companies focus more on new SSL sales. There can be many reasons for that. We are listing some below:

  • Poor SSL management
  • Lack of communication preferences
  • Inexperienced billing

Absences of the auto SSL renewal system puts a website owner at risk. That is he loses his certificate after the expiry date. Consequently, it affects site visitors, credibility, SEO, and online reputation. Normally, this is not the case with the experienced companies. They know these issues. They use the auto SSL renewal system to avoid these problems.

6. Multiple SSL brands

This is another important aspect of a good SSL provider. Before you opt a company, check whether it provides multiple SSL brands. Go for the one which has more than one SSL brands. This is because the company which has multiple brands gives you the right solution for your needs. If a company has only one brand, then it is going to recommend only that single solution irrespective of what your needs are. As a result, your needs are not considered. In the end, your goals will be underachieved.

7. Online reputation

Before buying anything from anyone, one should do online research. Well, this is pretty basic. This holds good for pretty much everything. Obviously, an SSL provider is no different. Reading online reviews is the best way to do online research of an SSL provider. Here are the things reviews will let you know about the SSL provider:

  • Online reputation
  • Company’s relationships with clients
  • Existing issues
  • Most loved aspects
  • Value for money

So, make sure you are reading reviews on neutral platforms such as Yelp and Google Reviews. Furthermore, talk to the former and current clients. Before forming a conclusion ensure you have read enough reviews.

8. Cost

 There are numerous SSL providers in the market who provide numerous brands at a wide price range. Not all SSL brands that are inexpensive are bad, and not all brands that are expensive are good. Yes, the cost is an important factor to consider, but one should not decide by taking the only cost into account. Ask your company to give contact information of the existing customers. Do proper research and discover value for money. Here are the questions you need to ask for the existing customers:

  • How is your experience?
  • What are the issued faced by you?
  • Did the SSL live up to your expectation?
  • What did you like the most?
  • Is it worth the money?

9. Mailing address

There are hardly any people who consider mailing address as a factor to opt an SSL provider. The mailing address will help you determine whether a company has a physical presence or virtual presence.  It is not a good idea to work with a company which as only virtual presence. Make sure your SSL has a valid SSL mailing address.

10. Long lasting relationship

You don’t want to shift from one service provider to another after every month, right? Here you need to aim for a long lasting relationship with the SSL provider. In order that to happen, you must ensure the company is experienced and reputed. In addition to that, try to figure out how the company treats its clients. Read how the company responds to consumer reviews, especially negative reviews. Talk to the former and existing clients. Try to determine how long a client continue using the services of the company on an average.

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