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10 Things You Shouldn’t Do When Playing Blackjack Online

By Russell Deasley @Worlds_Top_10

10 Things You Shouldn't Do When Playing Blackjack Online

10 Common Blackjack Mistakes Most Beginners Make

Online gambling in Canada is a popular and booming industry involving many gambling enthusiasts who prefer various casino games. And blackjack is one of the most popular options as it combines luck and strategy, meaning you can turn the odds in your favour. But to succeed at blackjack, you need to be clear about what you’re doing at the virtual table. Newbies and some experienced blackjack online players sometimes make common mistakes. And we are here to tell you about some of the things you should avoid when you play blackjack online.

10 Things to Avoid at Blackjack Table

Originally introduced in the 15th century, supposedly in Italy, blackjack has long been considered a game for the private and elite circles. The main goal of the game is to beat the dealer, not to score as many points as possible without going over 21, as some sources incorrectly claim.

Thanks to its fast-paced action and simple rules, blackjack became very popular during the 19th and 20th centuries. Mathematical modelling of the game, which was conducted by a group of researchers in the 1950s, resulted in a set of recommendations that is now known as the basic strategy. Since then, blackjack has become an even more appealing option for many, so it’s no surprise that it’s the first game to be taken over by Microgaming in a virtual environment.

Despite a large number of guides and tips, many people still make the same common mistake when playing online blackjack in Canada. The information below will help you avoid them and improve your chances of winning.

Playing without Knowing the Rules of the Game

While it seems obvious to start by learning the rules of blackjack, some newcomers to online casinos play for luck without bothering to learn the rules, let alone basic strategy or card-counting techniques. In blackjack, the value of each card is crucial to your final hand. Without knowing the rules, you turn blackjack into a pure chance game with a high house advantage.

Playing without a Basic Strategy

A basic blackjack strategy is the result of mathematical modelling carried out to discover the most appropriate moves in play based on your current hand. With this strategy, you’ll always know if you should stand on a soft 12 and when it makes sense to take the double-down option. By following the basic strategy, you turn blackjack into a casino game with a low house advantage of 1% or even less.

Starting by Learning the Card Counting Technique

The technique of counting cards may seem simple at first, but you should start by learning the basic strategy. If you want to learn how to count cards, here are some useful tips for those who prefer to play online blackjack in risk-free demo mode:

  • Divide the deck into three categories: 2-6, 7-9, and 10-Ace.
  • Assign a value to the cards from each group. For example, think of the 2-6 cards as -1, the 7-9 cards as 0, and the 9-Ace cards as +1.
  • Keep the total score by adding the number corresponding to each card drawn.

Start with the above technique as it is fundamental and the easiest to understand. Once you become a more advanced online blackjack player, move on to more complicated card-counting techniques.

Using Card Counting Techniques for RNG-Based Blackjack

Unlike live blackjack, in the RNG-based version, each new card is the result of the work of a special computer algorithm. Since no real packs of cards are used in an RNG-based online blackjack game, it becomes a gambling option with an infinite number of decks, and there is no point in counting cards. But the basic strategy still works for the RNG-based card game.

Starting with Large Bets

Even if you have honed your basic strategy skills by playing the game risk-free, avoid the temptation to bet high, as the element of luck is still very much present in the game. Thus, if the dealer’s starting hand includes a Jack and an Ace, for example, all your skills won’t matter as you will automatically lose. It is best to start with a bet of no more than 5-10% of your initial bankroll to have a sufficient number of tries to win back.

10 Things You Shouldn't Do When Playing Blackjack Online

Using Insurance

Regarded as a side bet, this is the least advantageous option for the player. It pays 2:1 and is meant to be used when the dealer has a hidden 10, which is not as common as most people think. For insurance to make sense, it needs to be paid at 4:1 or higher, and you won’t find that at any online casino.

Never Surrender

Although it may be a psychological phenomenon, in some cases it makes sense to surrender. That way, you’ll only lose half your bet instead of its entire amount. If your cards are weak, don’t ignore this useful tool.

Having the Desire to Get as Close to 21 as Possible

This mistake has its roots in the belief by some inexperienced players that in blackjack, you need to score as many points as possible without going over 21. You just need to beat the dealer. So, don’t chase a nice-looking score, but play with the dealer’s open card in mind.

Playing 6:5 Blackjack

In classic blackjack, you’d get a 3:2 payout by hitting 21 points (and the dealer’s hand would be of a lower value). But some Canadian casinos offer online blackjack for real money with a 6:5 payout for ”blackjack”, which is less than 3:2. Even if you’re offered some in-game bonuses in return, never settle for such a low payout for 21 points.

Using Sequence-Based Betting Systems

When playing blackjack, forget about the Martingale System and other strategies based on numerical sequences, as they add an element of uncertainty to the games. The beauty of blackjack is that it puts you in control of the games in your own hands. Using betting systems can quickly deplete your bankroll.


To avoid common mistakes, take the strategy charts right away and strictly follow the recommendations in them. Choose an online casino responsibly, as there is a chance of falling for a dishonest operator. Many Canadians prefer to play blackjack at King Billy, an MGA-licensed iGaming platform powered by trusted software providers.

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