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10 Things You Need for Spring 2014

By Shanlakes
Olivia Palermo Spring{pic c/o here} 
1. A killer pair of sunglasses 
2. A Facial/Microdermabrasion: Winter causes a lot of skin damage. From the wind, cold, change in temperatures, lack of sunscreen, dry patches, lack of vitamin-d, excessive moisturizing, etc. there is a lot that needs to be reversed. A facial and microdermabrasion combo is the perfect reset button for fresh skin this spring. A microdermabrasion treatment is not to be confused with a dermabrasion. Dermabrasion is a medical treatment for severely damaged skin, while microdermabrasion is simply a spa treatment that removes layers of dead skin. Your skin will be youthful and replenished after this treatment.
3. A 3-4 times per week work out routine: Start it now! Instead of looking at this as a chore, it should be looked at as a lifestyle. Even 30 minutes a day will do. Last week I joined East Bank Club in Chicago. I figured joining a gym would be the only way I'd actually make it a priority to go multiple times a week. Health should always be a number one priority, and not something that should ever be put on the back burner. Not to mention, great physical benefits come hand in hand.
4. Swimsuits: Sexy & Girly, yet no one year slutty (Extreme cleavage in push up bikinis and too low-bikini bottoms are no longer attractive)

5. A fresh new scent: My favorites are almost ANY Jo Malone, Stella McCartney{here}, and Burberry.
6. Ditch any factors that caused stress in the winter. Whether it be a certain friend, your manicurist, a love interest, job, etc. Life is too short to hold on to anything that doesn't make you unconditionally happy. 
7. Do a major closet cleaning: You will feel so much better about spring shopping once you make some room {and even donate to a charity or sell to a consignment shop}. Also, closet cleanings are refreshing. 
8. Do a  MAJOR eyebrow waxing: It's okay if you let them get too thick in the winter ( I guess your fur jacket didn't do the trick) but the shape of an eyebrow can make or break a face. Make sure you have a distinct arch and a beautiful shape. If you need recommendations for an eyebrow technician that's best for you, feel free to contact me.
9. Hair change: Grow out your bangs, lighten your hair, cute something to change up you look in anticipation of the warm weather. 
10. Wardrobe change: Slowly start incorporating fun colors, prints, and lighter material into your wardrobe. Unless you are buying it on sale, no winter merchandise should be bought after February 15th! 

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