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10 Things to Incorporate With Workout For Better Results

By Russell Deasley @Worlds_Top_10

Many are the days you have very little time on your hands, yet you have to go to work, tend to your family and still proceed with your daily workout regimen. In this case, you will require better results within the limited time available.

To achieve this, we have compiled a few things you should incorporate to maximize results.

1 - Eat slow digestion carbs before a workout.

Our primary source of body fuel is carbs. A banana or carbs before exercise will boost your body's energy. Taking slow digesting carbs lowers your insulin during a workout. Slow digestion, promotes fat burning and helps enhance your endurance levels.

2 - Reduce set failure to one.

Lift heavy weights till you can no longer keep a proper form in just one set, this improves your workout results by increasing your muscle mass. Doing one set to failure instead of three maximizes your effectiveness by doing just one.

3 - Incorporate high cholesterol levels in the diet.

Take high cholesterol diets, 1-2 egg yolks, to improve your results as it helps you gain more strength and increases your muscle mass growth.

4 - Daily heat therapy.

Visit the sauna every day after workouts. Heat therapy stimulates your muscles to rebuild and repair, thus increasing muscle mass over time. You can also soak in a hot tub to improve results over time.

5 - A shake of whey and Cassey proteins, 20g each.

Mixing 20g each of Cassey and whey protein powder with water helps you attain better results over time as they increase your bench press strength, deadlift strength, and squat strength. With this increase in power, you improve your endurance levels, promoting an increase in fat burning. In turn, this decreases body fat and increases the growth of your muscle mass.

6 - Avoid high-fat foods before training.

High-fat foods blunt Nitric Oxide levels in your body, resulting in the dilation of your blood vessels. You can eat a green salad to reduce the dilation effect thus increasing blood flow and resulting in increased muscle mass growth.

7 - Diversify your workout regimen.

Mix up your workout routines and uses varying intensities and speeds from time to time to prevent your body from adapting to the stress level of one long method. A combination of slow and fast, and hard and easy training boosts the growth and size of your muscle mass.

8 - Stretch after training.

It is advisable to stretch after a workout to enhance your flexibility. If you strain before a workout, you risk weakening your body.

9 - Take 200-400 mg of caffeine.

Before each workout, take at least 200mg of caffeine supplements to dampen muscle pain during a workout. With these supplements, you can take up extra training, thus increasing your fat burn rate and enhancing endurance levels.

10 - Concentrate on your muscles.

During your workout, focus your mind on the muscles you're working on to enhance your results.

With these few tips, you are guaranteed to maximize your results after every workout while avoiding injury regardless of the time spent. Eat right, get enough rest and stay hydrated to increase the productivity of your body and maximize your money's worth with limited sessions at the gym.

10 Things to Incorporate With Workout For Better Results
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