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10 Things Every Mountain Biker Should Have Done

By Thesilentpal @thesilentpal

This is a short compilation of experiences I made on my mountain bike during the past three years that I found worth sharing. And if you know fellow riders that are in need of a boost of motivation, please share this video with them!

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Josh Garrels “Rise” (Kye-Kye-Remix)
Aerial Footage of race sequence:
SO Emotion AG ( & Aeropicture (


Upon watching this I immediately scored myself and I scored 8/10 because I cannot bike on a snow because there is no snow here in the Philippines, does man made snow in Star City counts if they will let me ride my bike there and I don’t think I can go outside the country not unless I have sponsors for an overseas trip haha. Here’s my score below:

1. Build a bike – Yes all type of bikes since I was a kid
2. Ride at night – Yes since I started to ride my bike with friends
3. Ride in the snow – Can I try to ride in the snow at Star City ? If and only if they will let me.
4. Ride in another country – In my dreams hahaha!
5. Sleep next to your bike – Done! When I’m home alone and my family is on vacation.
6. Explore a new trail – Yeah, I’m always excited to try and ride the new trails.
7. Cross a mountain range – Oh yeah we did Laguna loop & cross Mt. Famy – Antipolo City
8. Ride a race – Did Philippine Duathlon and BGC Cycle Philippines
9. Visit a bike park – Timberland Heights Sports & Nature Club, Heroes trail, Army Trail
10. Ride to the Sea – Yes does going to the beaches count. I did it back in the old days.

Just like what I said I scored 8/10 and I wish I could do 3 and 4 one day. I’m hoping


How about you? Have you done all? What is your score post it in the comment box?

16.033333 120.550000

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