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10 Strange Things I Noticed in the Past Week.

Posted on the 18 October 2011 by Jayneymoo @jayneymoo
10 Strange Things I noticed in the past week.Just a little collection of weird and interesting things I noticed in the past week. They are not the be-all-and-end-all; just remember, they are from my observations only :)
1. V now comes in a 500ml plastic bottle. I did not know this. I really like this. I have purchased 3 in the last week already. And a picture of one is the background on my phone.
2. People will spot a misplaced sale sign from a mile away. I may have taken down every other sale ticket in my department (a sale that finished yesterday), but there will always be one customer who spots the one I missed. And then I have to give it to them at that price, which irks me.
3. Some couples are freakishly opposite. I know the saying 'opposites attract' is surprisingly true, but sometimes it blows my mind who's attracted to each other. I mean, I've seen couples who are so opposite, it's like a parrot and a platypus dating. Cute as a collective (c'mon, parrots are gorgeous and platypuses are insanely cool) but individually? Completely confusing.
4. I will make a sandwich and take one bite out of it before putting it on my plate to eat at the table. I'm not really sure why i do this. Hence why it's going in the list.
5. You are more likely to sit next to a woman than a man on a bus. This I have found to be a fact. I have watched people for many months on buses, and it doesn't matter if they're male, female, old, young - they will inadvertently sit next to a woman rather than a man. I know who the better sex must be ;)
6. We are more concerned as a society with what a celebrity is doing on their day off than we are with the fact that a child is sold into sexual slavery every 26 seconds. This isn't so much strange as it is sad. We shut ourselves off and put blinkers on in order to focus in on ourselves and our wants and needs, when in reality the WORLD IS SO MUCH BIGGER THAN US. Just had to say it.
7. People will always try and get the cheaper price for something. This has been true across all the places I've worked. If someone is going to return or purchase an item, all they want to know is - "Can I get it cheaper?" It's universal I've decided. Human nature; trying to cheat someone into getting the best buy. It annoys me as well.
8. Gossip always seems to (a) accelerate and (b) become more false as it goes around. It always becomes more vicious too. Moral of the story: don't spread rumours in the first place :)
9.Guys are more likely to forgive a girl for cheating than a girl is to forgive a guy. Why is this I wonder?
10. And finally, I noticed that (while I passionately detest star signs, I think they're a load of crap) people tend to live up their expectations (or star sign predictions, I should say). The ladies at Myer were having a huge chat about this, and as they were talking I felt more and more uncomfortable. I have always believed myself to be totally opposite to the 'Scorpio' personality, but apparently I am more like it than I realised. Not. Happy. Jayne.
And there you have it! Anyone agree with me? What have you noticed that's 'odd' this past week? Sound off in the comments, or tweet me! :D @jayneymoo!

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