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10 Solid Ways of Getting 1500 Visits Per Day: Traffic Study

Posted on the 03 February 2013 by Babanature @proudlyonenaija

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Traffic! Traffic!! Traffic!!! Like I’d always say; Traffic is the life source of any blog, traffic is what makes a blog function properly. Every day we experiment and do research on new ways of getting traffic to our blog/ website and if you’ve not been doing same thing, then you’re really putting yourself behind great opportunities ahead of you.


Do you know that you can get 1500 organic visits per day without running a paid campaign? I have tried the tips i am about to show you and it worked and do you know why it worked for me? Because I put in hard work and some precious time to it.

Do you know why you’re not getting any traffic? Because you are lazy and afraid to put one step forward or maybe you’re not researching enough, right? Sometime back I wrote about “3 possible ways of getting a good amount of traffic to your blog” and it really did help, because I mentioned places I got my traffic from and I really did give details on that post. So on my today’s post, I am going to even drop more and more ways you can get serious traffic to your blog.

Before we start, I hope you got enough bandwidth to accommodate the visitors that is about to pump in your domain!


untapped traffic source


On my today’s post, I’m just going to drop some nice tips that I’m sure is going to help you in your traffic quest. My good friend Mavtrevor from Netmediablog once said that there is no better traffic source than Organic and to be honest, he was right because organic traffic stream never stops to flow

The first step I’ll give today is:

√ Quality Content:

Do you know that your content is your number one traffic source? Yes! Without good content your visitors will only read your crappy post and go without dropping a comment or even coming back. And to be truth to you, no blog owner wants that because it is bad for business, right?

Tips: Nobody is perfect, I too make a lot of mistake in my writing but I try as much as possible to make people understand what I’m saying and I think that’s great. So before publishing a post, it is good to read it over and over to see if there are any wrong spellings or grammar errors and at least try to break that English down to an average man understanding.

Always put this at the back of your head; Content is king

√ Always comment on other blogs

I know I have said this before on my last traffic post but I am still saying it again because blog commenting have been proven from time to time that it can improve the flow of traffic to ones blog and also increases commenting.

How often do you comment on other blogs? Do you know why people are not commenting on your blog? Because you are not showing other blogs in your niche love… Have you ever heard of this saying “Give and it shall be given unto you”? That is how the blogging world is.

Tips: Try to comment on at least 10 blogs per day and while you are at it, make sure that the comment you are leaving on the blog is adding value and it’s reasonable enough. And always leave a comment on blogs with commentluv enabled; also having a list of blogs with commentluv would really be a great idea. Don’t you think so?

√ Submit your blog to directories, blog search

Have you ever thought of submitting your site to site directories, blog search before? I know your answers would be, capital NO~! But if yes, then good for you because when you submit your site to directories with high pr, it automatically gains credibility and would rank on the front pages of any search engines. And when your site is on front pages of search engines, it increase traffic fast.


√ Connect your blog to social networks

social media have come a long way and they are a proven source of traffic. With more information, people still don’t know how to maximize the full potential of social network. Google +, Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin e.t.c are one social network you should join, get a lot of subscribers and you’re off to a good start.

Tips: There are some social communities around, try and join at least one of them and learn more on how to use your social network effectively

√ Publish regularly

Do you post once in a month and still call yourself a blogger? Without fresh content your fan base will decrees drastically and you might lost many years of hard work that you have put in to your blog. We want to see fresh content and not same old stuff that i’ve already seen.

Tips: If you’re that lazy type, try to at least post twice or three times a week to make your friends, followers, fans, readers coming back and will also make search engine crawl your blog.


√ Guest posting

Who among you doesn’t guest post? I don’t or have i? Maybe a couple of times! Guest blogging is also one of the best ways of getting targeted traffic to your blog and not just getting traffic, it can also build a relationship between you and the blog owner.

Why haven’t you started guest posting? Is it because you are so lazy to write or you just don’t feel like doing it? Whichever wrong negative thinking that is up your head should be thrown aside and take the advantage of the guest blogging/ guest post traffic.

√ Ping your blog once a week

Thank God we have wordpress that ping our latest blog post to all search engine automatically, but let me ask you this question; does pinging your blog more that once a bad thing? Please do give me your answer using the comment box below. If you ping your blog post every day, you will be marked as a spammer but what if you ping just once a week? Google have made it clear that pinging once a week is not a bad thing and it is not considered as spamming.

Tips: If you are using a blogger blog it is best to always ping your new post once a week using some pinging tools around and trust me this also bring organic traffic.

√ Submit your pdf file to E-books stores

Ok! This is the best way of getting targeted traffic to your website/ blog. Don’t worry, you don’t have to stress yourself or write your own e-book. What you’ll do is to take one of your blog posts and make it an ebook by converting it to pdf file. There are lots of online pdf converters that can convert that post for you, after you must have gotten it converted; you will need to submit the pdf to some free e-book sites like Free-ebook and getfreeebooks. This method alone has sent me thousands of visits to my blog so you should try it out.

√ Put your audience and search engine in mind

Before you write that content, you need to think about two things before you progress with your writing.

1. The kind of audience you’re writing for

2. How will search engine look at my blog post

Putting this two in your mind before writing that great content will surely make your post unique enough to gain not only traffic but good response from your audience.

√ Using your website as your signature

This is it guys, have you been doing this or you have not? If you have then, tell me how does it feel? If you have been frequenting your time on forums and e-mail sending you should use your blog as your signature. This method is being used by top guns and it has also proven effective…

Should I keep mentioning ways of getting traffic to your blog? Well! Let me stop for now and let’s make some conversation first.


What other means can one drive traffic to his/ her blog/ website? Please do use the comment box below to drop your comment and thoughts. Remember that your comment and thoughts are highly appreciated and welcomed so do keep them rolling.

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Hmm is anyone else encountering problems with the images on this blog loading? I'm trying to figure out if its a problem on my end or if it's the blog.

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By Sahana D Nagendra
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And the more wide and extensive topics u write the fan base grows!

By Sreekanth Boddireddy
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Nice article......I like the E-book concept.....I have one more idea here....By seeing the statistics of incoming organic traffic you can modify and write relevant topics which reduce the bounce rate and attract people to come again to your website...And yeah..quality content is the main factor.