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10 Savvy Things I’m Into Right Now

By Savvybrown @savvybrownblog

Here’s a list of a few of the things that are making me happy right now..

  1. Travel Atomizer – I just fill this little guy with water and a few drops of my favorite essential oil of the moment and I have a quick refresher wherever I am! this one looks just like the one I have.
  2. Lipstick Jump Drive case – A friend of mine does this and I think it’s brilliant! My inner geekgirl loves this idea too! You can get 3 here for less than $10! (Thanks Oladé!) 10 Savvy Things I’m Into Right Now
  3. DIY Sweatshirt laptop bag – Forgot your laptop bag? OR it’s too bulky but you don’t want to leave it in the hotel room? Try this neat trick
  4. Hydros Filtered Water Bottle – Just got back from vacation and I took things thing with me to the airport empty. Went through the security check with it in my carryon and then filled it with water from the airport bathroom on the other side. The filter makes it possible, and I saved myself like $7 for a bottle of water! Check out my review of the Hydros here.
  5. Homemade Mosquito Spray – This stuff is all natural and it WORKS! (also, it’s great to use with #1!) You can find the link here.
  6. Head scarves- All summer I’ve been rockin’ headscarves in various forms. I find the square kind work best, and I silky polyester or nylon works well. IT’s a great way to rock a protective style and stay fly! 10 Savvy Things I’m Into Right Now

    photo credit: Keiko Lynn

  7. Instant iPhone speaker – When I’m in the kitchen cooking, or sometimes even in the bathroom, I just drop my iPhone into a tall wide mouth glass, or a deep ceramic dish and voila! Instat amplifier. (love.this.idea.srsly) Check it out in action here.
    10 Savvy Things I’m Into Right Now

    photo credit: Real Simple

  8. – It’s like Netflix for your receipts. Except you can also forward online purchase receipts, and even take pictures of receipts when you get them with an iPhone app. (I think they make it for the Droid too). They even categorize them for you. They can send you back the originals or destroy them for you. Do.THIS. Your wallet, and your accountant will thank you!
  9. Tea Tin Accessory Organizers – I love lose tea. Especially the kinds I get from the Asian market that come in the decorative tins like a698ee0ef7.jpg">a698ee0ef7.jpg" target="_blank" title="tea tins">these! And so I end up with a TON of these ittle guys all over the place, and I decided to put them to use holding my hair accessories. Best idea I’ve had in a minute! For loose tea in those cute tins check theseout.

    10 Savvy Things I’m Into Right Now

  10. Tarte LipSurgence™ matte lip tint in Fiery – OMG THIS!!!I love Tarte products because they don’t use any parabens, sulfates, mineral oil, or petrolatum in them. Even though this lipstick is matte, it’s creamy, and stays on for hours. I REALLY love this thing. It’s like a big fat red crayon for my lips!

10 Savvy Things I’m Into Right Now


  • What are some of your favorite things?

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