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10 Reasons to Consider the Alaska Cruise!

By Caryschmidt

10 Reasons to Consider the Alaska Cruise!
This August 6-13, 2011, our ministry is hosting another Alaska Cruise departing from Seattle. Time is winding down to register and space is limited for our group. I wanted to share with you some reasons this cruise may be worth considering.

1. If you are a pastor or group leader, there is a great incentive program for bringing a group. With minimal effort, you could probably earn free passage on the cruise just by bringing a group from your church or organization. Please email me for more details about the co-host incentive program.

2. It’s one of the greatest opportunities for encouraging Christian fellowship that I’ve ever experienced. Our last cruise included church groups from all over the country and provided a wonderful week of relaxing, restorative fellowship. It was unforgettable, and every single person I talked to said that the experience was worth every penny.

3. It’s an unforgettable trip of a life time. The grandeur of Alaska—from glaciers to waterfalls to whales to quaint villages and majestic mountain peaks—it’s indescribable. Every moment spent on the deck or balcony is an immersive experience in the beauty of God’s amazing creation.

4. It’s a great cruise experience with a Christian group. The Alaska cruises are not known as “party cruises” as many are. It’s cold in Alaska, and the emphasis is on the nature experience. In addition to that, it’s awesome to be on a ship with so many Christian friends. On our last cruise, more than 10 people not registered with our group were led to Christ!

5. You will never eat better in your life. This cruise is as much a culinary experience as a sight-seeing experience. The meals provided for great fellowship and great memories. The food alone is almost worth the price of the cruise.

6. The preaching, music, and spiritual refreshment will be unforgettable. Several times during the week we will host services that feature some wonderful music and great preaching from Dr. Paul Chappell, Dr. David Gibbs, Dr. R.B. Ouellette, and Dr. Don Sisk. It’s an amazing experience to hear Bible preaching in such an unusual context!

7. The pastors who brought groups last time were very glad that they did. Some folks in your church are already planning to do a trip like this—perhaps for an anniversary or retirement celebration. Others would consider it if you led the group. This is a fantastic opportunity for pastors to build strong relationships with some of their own church family.

8. Port fees and tips are included in the registration. Thanks to the great service provided by Templeton Tours, the price on the website is the full price. There are no surprise “additional fees” as there would be with booking a cruise online.

9. A portion of the registration becomes a benefit to West Coast Baptist College. For every person that attends the cruise, West Coast Baptist College receives a benefit which will be used for the training of future ministry leaders. Your and your group’s attendance is an investment into a great Bible college ministry.

10. I guarantee, you will not regret attending . Never having been on one before, I was wondering what the experience would be like. Simply put, it was awesome! I hope you will prayerfully consider joining us, and even bring a group from your church. Many churches are giving this trip to their pastor as a gift.

Time is critical. We are quickly approaching a couple of commitment deadlines with the cruise company at which point we will need to release or add rooms. If you are interested in co-hosting and bringing a group, please contact me or my secretary Amanda Michael. My email: [email protected] Amanda’s email: [email protected] Or call our office at 1.800.688.6329, ext. 135.

For the pricing information, itinerary, and to register visit this link:

We look forward to having you with us!

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