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10 Powerful Blogging Tools Every Blogger Must Use for Best Blogging Result

Posted on the 09 March 2016 by Babanature @proudlyonenaija

As a blogger, you need to be equipped with tools that will help you survive the blogging war. That’s why I am bringing to you these powerful blogging tools every blogger should have.

powerful blogging tools

Are you a blogger and wondering what blogging tool to use to keep your blog alive, healthy and productive? Do not look further because I am here today, to show you the tools you need to keep your blog alive.

10 Powerful Blogging Tools Every Blogger Must Use

Why do we need tools for blogging? Below are some reasons out of many reasons.

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If you’re a blogger that gets some reasonable amount of comments, or you’re a blogger that do refer to other bloggers post link on your blog post, sometimes you’d want to check those external links to see if they are still valid/alive, why? Because dead links can put your blog in danger.

Your blog can get penalize if you don’t take action by removing those dead links…

If you’re writing your next blog post, doing research to know what people truly want should be your next best idea, except you’re not looking for that huge amount of traffic…

Sometimes we do make mistakes when we write, but using a particular set of tools can help us maneuver some typing errors…

We need to always be on track with our blog post. Knowing where we get our largest traffic from can be beneficial to us, why? So we can target and utilize that source of traffic…

Designing a WordPress blog or a blogger blog can be easier even for bloggers with no coding skill. “How” you ask? Simply by using some recommended tools…

What’s your reason for using the blogging tools you use?

Blogging is hard… but you can always make it easy simply by using some available and powerful blogging tools.

So What Are The Blogging Tools a New Blogger Are Suppose To Have

Though, we have thousands of blogging tools that can help ease our online struggle but below, are the 10 powerful blogging tools every blogger should be using for easy and better blogging result.


In blogging, we need a good/simple design to attract visitors, right? When we buy a theme for our blog, it does not carry all that we need. Like I had to change my blog theme color, background, font size and font style just to get what I truly want.

If you are trying to customize your blog but don’t have much coding skill, Firebug might just be the right blogging tool for you.

Firebug allows you to easily edit, inspect, and even monitor your CSS, HTML, and JavaScript request.

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If you are looking for some powerful blogging tools, Firebug is definitely a tool to add to your arsenal.

Grammar check

After writing our blog post, checking for spelling errors should come to mind… we are not perfect so checking our grammars for error is indeed necessary.

To check for grammar error, you can either hire an expert to edit your ever single blog post before publishing or you can simply use this awesome tool called GrammarCheck

Grammar Check is a tool that helps you scan your writing for errors and suggest an alternate word or spelling for you.

If you are a blogger and have used the Grammar Check tool, you will agree with me that it is indeed among the powerful blogging tools a blogger should be using.

Google Keyword Planner

Writing your next blog post can be awesome if you know the right keyword to use and what to write around that keyword.

The truth is, getting traffic to your blog without proper tweaking can be harder than it seem. That’s why many bloggers use keyword tool like Google Keyword Planner to help us find that next keyword to help our blog rank higher on Google.

If you are looking for that powerful blogging tools to help your blog in a great way (traffic, and making money wise), this awesome tool is just the right fit.

Google analytic

If you want to monitor your blog or you’re trying to increase your blog traffic flow, then you should consider adding Google Analytic to your arsenal.

Google Analytic is a freemium Web analytics tool that provides statistics and basic analytical tools for search engine optimization (SEO) and marketing purposes.

Want to grow your business? You’ll definitely need to add this tool to your powerful blogging tools


Writing a better blog post is awesome. Yes, it is. Making your blog get to the right people is also a good move any blogger should want.

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Like Google Analytic, StatCounter can easily help you grow and improve your online business by allowing you to monitor the number of hits to your website; the geographical location of visitor; the various pages a visitor views; the keywords used to find your site.

Combining Google analytic and StatCounter will definitely improve your visibility and grow your business.

Google Search Console (Formally Google Webmaster Tool)

If you’re using the Google Analytic and StatCounter tools, adding the Webmaster Tool will definitely be a killing combination to the list.

Google Search Console (Google Webmaster Tool) is a free service offered by Google that helps you monitor and maintain your site’s presence in Google Search results.

Signing up for Google Webmaster Tool can help you understand how Google views your site and optimize its performance in search results.

If you’ve not started using the Google Search Console, You better start using it today.

Broken link checker

If you’ve been writing for a while now and you get comments to your every single blog posts, doing spring cleaning every week to help your blog grows is a necessity.

Checking your blog for dead or broken links should be in your weekly routine, why? Broken links can negatively affect user experience and rankings. That’s where Broken Link Checker comes to play.

Broken Link Checker helps you scan your blog for broken links and direct you on how to remove or replace those broken links.

Plagiarism Checker

Accepting guest post can expose our blog to new audience and increase our traffic flow. Accepting guest post is awesome and it has its positive effect on our blog. But still, without proper screening, the guest post we accept can harm our blog. Yes, it can.

With Plagiarism Checker, you can easily scan a guest post sent to you by a guest author to know if the article is genuine or copied.

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If you are a blogger that accept guest post, then you’ll definitely need this tool to help and prevent your blog from getting penalized.


Sometimes, we bloggers do some little theme or general modification even when our blog is live… modifying our theme or editing our blog when it is live is a bad and not advisable idea.

You can easily modify your blog offline using the “InstantWP” tool.


If you’re a blogger, doing video blogging will help you get more personal with your readers and also introduce you and your blog to a whole new audience.

Camtasia gives you the tools you need to record on-screen activity, edit and enhance your video contents.

If you’re planning to start video blogging, then this tool is a sure addition to your arsenal.

Additional Powerful Blogging Tools You Should Use

Two more powerful blogging tools that didn’t made the top ten lists but are great addition to your blogging tools are;




The above tools are free but have incredible features that most premium tools can’t offer. So I’ll suggest that you use all tools mentioned here to increase your blog visibility and value…

Back to You

Looks like I have said so much about so much on this topic, now it’s time to pass the keyboard to you guys.

What are your powerful blogging tools you use for the progress of your blog? Do drop your comment using the comment box below.

Do you have comments, questions and thoughts you’d love to share with us? Please do by using the comment box below.

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Remember that your comments, questions, and thoughts are highly welcome and most appreciated.

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