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10 Holiday Films On Netflix With Audio Description To Bring You Holiday Cheer

Posted on the 08 December 2022 by Sirmac2 @macthemovieguy

Considering that Netflix was one of the last ones I did in my Halloween roundup, it is kicking off my Christmas collection. It’s the season, and Netflix honestly has more than 10. But, i don’t just recommend a title because it is holiday themed. To make this list, I must have seen it, either pre-blindness, or after with audio description. So which ten am I recommending to you today? Have you seen all of them?

1) A Bad Moms Christmas

This sequel to the surprise hit put our rowdy little gang straight into the holiday season, with all the exhaustion of trying to produce a perfect (or not so perfect) Christmas for the family. Adding to the original cast were new faces playing the mothers to the original gang. Not every holiday movie needs to be kid appropriate, and it’s good for adults to get some good laughs in there. This one is definitely not for the little ones, unless you want to explain a Brazilian wax to your five year old.

2) Christmas With you

One of the new ones I saw this year, and so far the best of the bunch. It’s like the film Marry me, but with a Christmas twist. Freddie Prinze Jr and Amy Garcia are delightful together, and it’s just a nice sweet romcom if you’re looking for that sort of thing this time of year.

3) Jingle Jangle

Of course, you should have predicted this would be on my Top 10 Netflix Christmas List. An original musical starring Forest Whitaker that managed to even get an Oscar nomination? Not bad. Jingle Jangle is the kind of unique take with a strong production budget that sets it apart from the usual slate of Netflix hallmark copycats. It feels like it could ahve been theatrical if it had wanted, providing that typical musical we get around the Holiday season anyway. If you haven’t yet seen Jingle Jangle, maybe this year it’s time?

4) Klaus

The first Animated entry here. Klaus is a film I’ve seen become a yearly classic for friends of mine since its release. It was an early film that also helped Netflix with its Oscar clout, and has proven that Netflix has two tiers of animated movies. Some of them, like Klaus, are fantastic, and you almost feel like you’re getting something secret by not having to leave your house. I have a feeling this was another obviouS CCHOICE.

5) Operation Christmas Drop

Yeah, I’ll include another random Netflix romcom. I actually have seen this, and it was kind of cute. The story behind it was actually what made it work, as there’s this whole plot around this little romance, and it’s a bit deeper than I expected it to be. It might be the 10th most important thing on this list to watch, but if you haven’t caught it, I’m more of a thumbs up on this one than thumbs DOWN

6) the Christmas Chronicles

Possibly one of my favorite things on Netflix. You can guess what my seventh pick is right now. These two films are charming, and Kurt Russell made for a delightful and hilarious new version of Santa. Plus, the film is full of heart, has a lovely backstory, and is everything that a couple other Netflix Christmas films have tried to achieve but have fallen short. I’ve been hoping for a third, to round out the story, and really to give Goldie Hawn a bit more to do, but we’ve only got two.

7) The Christmas Chronicles Part II

As I said, you should be able to predict what is next. The sequel was great as well, and I was really happy to see everything kind of return with all the same magic and heart. This is possibly a very underrated series for Netflix, but it’s among the best, certainly of their Christmas fare.

8) White Christmas

A holiday classic. Netflix actually happens to have one of those with audio description. I shouldn’t have to explain how White Christmas, a well regarded holiday classic that spawned songs you still sing today, is required Holiday viewing at some point… but here I am. And it’s on this list.

9) Pee Wee’s Holiday Adventure

Truth be told, there are a dozen holiday specials on netflix, depending on which character you want to spend the holidays with. But a few years back, Netflix revived Pee Wee Herman for a bonkers Holiday special that’s worth at least one viewing so you can try and figure out why you used to watch this thing as a kid. Other alternative options include a Bojack Horseman special that’s not bad.

10) Dash and lily

I know, I’m supposed to pick movies, but I’m still mad that Netflix created this perfect little Holiday series and then cancelled it after one season. It’s so adorable, and romantic, and cute, and one of the best things they’ve done for Christmas. The episodes are under half an hour each, so just binge watch it like it’s a really long film, and it’ll still make you feel cozy inside.

I guess next year, if this list is going to change, I need to start watching things that sound just… awful. The Christmas Prince? I was hoping to avoid that. Thanks to The Audio Description Project (ADP.ACB.org) for helping me compile this list. Which streamer is up next? You’ll have to wait and find out.

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