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10 Helpful Ideas in Managing Your Trash at Home

By Russell Deasley @Worlds_Top_10

Not long ago, researches showed that each person generates 4.5 pounds of waste daily. Based on the growing population, the world is left at risk from the harm that is caused by the waste. However, every institution has made a step further to ensure that every person understands the need to manage the waste from the home level.

Here are the top ten ideas in managing trash at home:

1 - Avoid the plastic bags

Plastic bags are the most common shopping bags. The sad thing is they pose a high risk to the environment. Plastic bags take a longer to decompose and hence pose a high risk to the aquatic life, especially when they make their way into the water bodies. Therefore, it's advisable to shop using the reusable cloth bags. Environmentalists suggest that people should have some reusable bags with them all the time to avoid the temptation of taking plastic bags home.

2 - Have a meal plan

Food is also a great contributor to the environmental pollution. You will be surprised at the amount of food that goes into waste in the American homes today. Having a meal plan saves not only the money but also the environment. A meal plan ensures that no food is left to spoil. It's advisable to prepare enough for the day and hence, reducing the chances of trashing what was never needed in the first place.

3 - Recycle where possible

Many people insist that recycling is a complicated task. However, the truth is that it is the way to go. Recycling minimizes the amount of waste being generated on a given day. Therefore, it's advisable to research and know which waste can be recycled and which one can't. Although, you should understand that the recycling standards vary from one place to another.

4 - Repair rather than replacing

Now and then, replacing a broken item with a new one may seem appropriate. But, it contributes significantly to excess junk in a given homestead. Some household items, especially the electronics may be cheap to buy. Often, concerned fellows find themselves asking, what happens to the broken one? The high chances are that most of these items are difficult to trash.

Probably, you're not sure of what to do with your old water heater. There is no need to go buying a new one while the old one is still working or can be repaired. The repairs are eco-friendly and can save you a lot of cash in the long run.

5 - Monitor your mail

Many are times we receive random letters which end up littering our coffee tables. Mails are a convenient way for the businesses to reach their clients. However, the same letters have increased the amount of waste being generated in every homestead. Therefore, it's advisable to cancel all the subscription mail that you're no longer interested.

We can both agree that most of those postal letters make their way into the trash can before being opened. Cancelling the mail is quite easy as it can be done over the internet and hence save you the agony of excess junk in the house.

6 - Build a compost pit

With basic knowledge in science, building a compost pit isn't that complicated. Having a compost pit can see most of the waste in the house being turned into nutrients for your backyard. However, a compost pit requires some space and hence can't apply to individuals living in the residential apartments.

However, a compost pit is an efficient way to see your waste do a good thing to not only your garden but also the environment at large.

7 - Ditch the disposable utensils

Many people still argue that the use of disposable plates is time-saving. We can both agree that they save one the washing task. But, are they worth it? The answer is no because they pose a threat to the environment, as well as, increase the waste at home.

It's high time you decided to get your hands dirty and invest in real utensils. It even feels amazing being tired of cleaning and knowing that you're doing something to the environment.

8 - Avoid the bottled water

Water bottles contribute significantly to the destruction of the environment. Drinking bottled water may seem like a better way to keep oneself dehydrated. However, you need to ask yourself, how many bottles will you have to trash in a given day? Probably two or three.

Luckily, today, there are water bottles designed to be reused, and it's advisable that you acquired one for each member of the house. Most of these water bottles are all-natural and hence, have no problem degrading. You will be surprised at how dehydrated you will be, especially after knowing that you're doing something good to Mother Nature.

9 - Avoid the plastic coffee cups

Typically, most individuals start their day with a mug of coffee, and it's a good thing. Coffee helps a lot in awakening every bit of an individual's brain. However, we both know that most of these coffee brands use cups that aren't friendly to the environment.

Luckily, today, some brands mind the environment, and that's by using biodegradable mugs. Therefore, you must check to ensure that your coffee cup is all natural before gulping the hot stimulant. However, if you're not sure of what the cup is made of, you can invest in a small coffee thermos. Most of these coffee thermoses are easy to carry around and keep your coffee hot and fresh as it was served.

10 - Turn your old or torn clothes into rugs

Old or worn out clothes contributes significantly to the piling up of waste in the house. The truth is that, we can do little about them as they are prone to wear and tear. However, to save yourself from the agony of excess waste, it's advisable to turn the torn clothes into rugs. The idea helps in saving you some money which could be used to buy a new rugs while keeping your house sparkling clean.


The time when conserving nature was left to the environmentalists belong to the old era. Today, every individual has a responsibility to ensure that the environment is kept clean even at home. In the article, there are top ten ways to reduce waste in the house. Make sure you understand each one of them. Together, let's keep Mother Nature clean!

10 Helpful Ideas in Managing Your Trash at Home
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