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10 Great Explanations by Morgan Freeman

Posted on the 26 June 2014 by House Of Geekery @houseofgeekery

Sometimes movies are complicated. You might be sitting in the cinema, watching the shiny images and be downright confused as to what is happening. You might be tempted to look up the plot on Wikipedia or whisper to the person next to you but you risk the ire of your fellow cinema goers. What you need in those situations…is Morgan Freeman, master of explaining.

10. Lucy

If you’re scratching your head wondering why you haven’t heard of this Luc Besson thriller starring Scarlett Johanson it’s because it isn’t out for another month. In fact, it’s because we’re running a promotion giving away double passes on our Facebook page that we checked out the trailer (make sure you have a look at that if you live in Perth, W. Australia!). At first we were confused. Why does she have bags of drugs in her stomach? Why can she change her hair colour? Why is she basically the Phoenix Force? Fortunately Morgan Freeman was there with the explaining…

9. Wanted

The graphic novel was straight forward – a bunch of comic book super villain have taken over the world. The movie is another story. Wesley is an angry office worker who is indoctrinated into a group of assassins who has the ability to bend bullets. They’re on a mission to save the world by killing those who will some day cause tragedy. Those targets are predicted by a magical loom that puts kinks into a blanket that is read by monks. That’s a lot to take in…good thing Morgan Freeman is here.

Morgan Freeman Wanted

“Well, it’s basically bullshit…”

8. Outbreak

Medical outbreaks are volatile situations situations at the best of times. Even when it’s something far-fetched like an Ebola virus that melts organs. When the population is in danger you need someone to make the tough decisions and explain to everyone what’s what.

Morgan Freeman Outbreak

7. The Lego Movie

The Lego Movie brought with it a surprising amount of mythology. Master Builders, The Special, the Piece of Resistance, The Kragle, Lord Business, the passages between the world, the reality of what Emmet is…with so much being built you need a nice, reassuring voice to explain it all.


6. Transcendence

Christ, this movie was confusing. The timeline is all over the place, there are massive leaps in logic and character motivations are perplexing at the very best. The number of reasons why this movie bombed can not be fully explained, but Morgan Freeman can do his best.

Morgan Freeman Transendence

5. Bruce Almighty

Jim Carrey becomes God? That’s a lofty…and terrifying…concept. How is this character, a wannabee news anchor, going to find himself in this unusual situation? Only God can explain…and only Morgan Freeman can explain as well as God.

Morgan Freeman Bruce Almighty

4. Batman Begins

James Bond had Q to explain all the complicated gadgets to him, Bruce Wayne has Luscious Fox. After coming down from the mountain and beginning his crusade against crime Batman needed some gear, and the audience needed someone to explain what all the armour, gadgets and vehicles do.


3. Se7en

This classic of the crime thriller genre explored a lot of murky moral ground and theological concepts. Brad Pitt plays the every man, the eager young cop who is all quips, anger and family values. In order to follow the tangled path left by John Doe he needs a wiser, more experienced detective to explain things to him.


2. The Shawshank Redemption

When Andy arrives in prison his mind is a closed door to the viewers. His story has to come to us from his friend Red. This involves explaining the happenings within the prison, the culture and corruption inside the walls and the shockwaves Andy eventually sends through the population. Red must be played by someone who is good at explaining things.


1. War of the Worlds

For the average cinema goer the ending of Steven Spielberg’s adaptation may have been confusing. Suddenly all the Martians drop dead, and none of the characters in the movie know why. We need a suitable narrator to make things clear for us. Who else?

Morgan Freeman

BONUS: South Park – The Stick of Truth

This isn’t included in the main list because the voice is provided by Trey Parker, not Freeman himself, but it deserves a mention. In the middle of the final battle with the US Government and Princess Kenny the boys of South Park are left confused as to why everything is happening. Morgan Freeman steps out from behind a wall and explains. Why? Because when Morgan Freeman explains things he earns a new freckle. 

Morgan Freeman South Park

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