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10 Gardening Blogs to Look out For

By Sophiecussen

I always say if you want to learn something, that can be especially tricky to ask (because usually you’re not sure what it is you’re asking), head to the internet.

Where as books can be very detailed, and in some cases terribly technical, the internet can be just the place to find simple answers that you can actually then put into practice within your own garden.

Whether it’s what shrub to prune this month, or why those leaves on your favorite plant look particularly brown you can usually find someone else has already had the same problems.

It’s the one area I find help, advice and guidance for things I’m not really sure about asking someone face to face.  It usually comes in the form of social media but something that works even better are blogs.

Today I thought I’d share with you ten blogs I refer to time and time again, for inspiration, advice, to cheer me up or just because the sheer dedication of these gardeners and their plots brightens up my day.

Have a gander and see what you think…

(All these blog are primarily focused on gardening in it’s entirety – there are some that that are specialised, in one area or another, but all of them focus on growing veggies or flowers.)

In no particular order – each are extremely worthy and all are non-profit/business etc (as far as I’m aware).

Is there a blog I have missed out?  

Is there that one blog you head over to for constant information about tomatoes or someone you really admire for their garden design?  Please feel free to add them and share below.


Cover photo courtesy of Jono Takes Pictures

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