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10 Fitness Tips You Must Follow Everyday To Stay Healthy

By Barun K.

top 10 fitness tipsLife is not only about earning a lot of money, getting married, having cute little kids and living long.

Its about staying healthy and fit do to all these happily. Healthier lifestyle will not only extend your life but also improve the quality of life.

Our aim is to enhance your knowledge on the best fitness tips that you can follow everyday to stay healthy. All of these will be explained and you can implement them in your daily routine.

So here are the 10 fitness tips that will surely motivate you.

1- Choose the right time of the day for your exercise


Many studies suggest that exercising between 2:00pm and 6:00pm is the best time of the day.

But most experts say that whatever time suits you is the best only if it is happening everyday.

Since everyone has a busy schedule and exercise the least important thing on your to do list, you should always do it at the start of the day.

Morning exercise will always boost you up for the whole day and you’ll stay active and feel fresh like never before.

Make sure you eat easily digestible breakfast like yogurt, oatmeal or fruit because this will refuel your body for morning exercise. Gym session at lunchtime or after work is also a suitable option for your daily exercise.

So be sure to have one regular time for exercise everyday, make it a part of your lifestyle. Just imagine you are being paid for it and the currency is fitness.

2- Create a Fitness Plan for yourself

If you are planning on doing some morning exercise or after work gym and think of losing 10 pounds a day, you wont because you have no aim and no plan to do it.

Regular exercises need proper fitness plans. Take the advice of your trainer at the gym and he can give you a well evaluated plan.

These plans are the best way to kick off with your regular exercises and also motivate you. A professional trainer will teach you the right way to exercise that will help you avoid any injury.

Yes, if you make a move on the wrong angle, you might get hurt as well. If you can afford a trainer, working out with him regularly is the best way to stay fit.

3- Pick your favorite exercise

Exercise bench
When your regular exercise session slot is set for everyday and you have a proper plan and a trainer to guide, find yourself a favorite exercise.

So think of the favorite sports you played when you were a kid. Any sports you played and involved a team means you were more of a class person, so join a yoga club or anything that suits you.

If you are a fan of playing alone then join a tennis club. None of these then the gym is the right place for you.

Why we ask you to pick a favorite exercise is because that will always make you stay involved in exercises. You will be least interested to do something you hate and there will be no regularity.

4- Bring some change in your daily exercise

Bringing a change into anything in life makes it more interesting and enjoyable. So vary your activities weekly or when you think it’s the right time.

Doing the same exercise everyday will bore anyone. Experts suggests that for a regular daily basis exercise, we should do cardio on one day, the next day should be for strength training, yoga on the third day and have some rest on the forth day.

Simply repeat this over and over and you’ll see the results your self.

Spreading your activities and work out throughout the week will let your body recover and enjoy exercise. We don’t have to make exercise a burden.

Adding new and different styles in to your exercise will help you enjoy exercise.

5- Find a friend and make him your exercise partner

Well, a friend can always be a helpful hand even when its time for your exercise.

Picking out the right friend with the same fitness level as of yours is the best option to enjoy and make exercise more active.

Studies have proven that group exercises will keep you more motivated as well as it gives social and moral support.

Another edge of exercising is that it creates a sense of competition and encourages you to push yourself harder. Also you stick to your routine because if you are having a bad day and don’t want to go for the exercise, your friend will definitely pump you for it.

So there will be no skipping regular exercise day anymore.

6- Start loving easily digestible snacks

Health and fitness require a healthy diet. Exercise burns calories and fats, but you need energy for exercise.

This energy will come from a healthy diet. Easy and healthy snacks will prevent you from getting quickly hungry and stop you from overeating in such situations. It will always fuel your body for workout. Eat at least 30 to 40 minutes before your workout session, and eat easily digestible foods.

Why are we focusing on easily digestible food because when you eat, your blood in the muscles is diverted to digest the food and if the food is heavy and fatty, your muscles will divert more blood and have less to exercise.

So eat healthy but easy. Yogurt, nuts, fruits, cottage cheese or sliced turkey are some of the best foods for a healthy diet.

You can search for more options on the Internet. In fact, you’ll get a whole food chart or diet plan on the Internet, which is very useful.

No one is asking you to eat the same thing meal over and over again; you can always bring variations in your meals as well. You have to eat nuts, not go nuts about it.

7- Water is essential

water glass
Water is not only needed to stay alive. It’s the best and most beneficial drink of all time.

You should drink plenty of water before going for your regular exercise. Water keeps you hydrated and helps you not getting tired quickly.

Water energizes your body and if you like a little flavor in your exercise, there are now low-cal drinks available in the market.

But some of the electrolyte-loaded drinks can be a source of unneeded calories; water is the best fluid for your fitness and health. This fitness tip has the most advantage.

Nothing can do what water can do to your boy and nothing is as pure as water.

8- Avoid sweet foods and keep away from soda and fizzy fluids

No Sugar
Everyone has got some late night cravings for sweet food. When you have a real urge to eat something sweet, avoid the chocolate and cheesecake and have some fruit.

Enjoy a sliced apple with some peanut butter and nuts, at least you’ll sleep without the guilt of eating something bad for your health.

Fizzy drinks and soda are full of sugar and useless calories. They only give you pleasure of taste and also are harmful for your body. These drinks are not only a source of unnecessary calories but also lead to obesity and increase the risk of kidney diseases especially in women.

They are the worst enemy of your bones and teeth. Imagine life without teeth and weaker bones.

No one wants to live like that so keep away from soda and fizz.

9- Peer Pressure, Say goodbye

stress free
Throughout the week, you’ve been on the right track and it must be tough seeing all your friends, colleagues, partner or co-workers having pizza and steak for lunch.

When the weekend starts and you have three days of events like birthdays, weddings, dinners etc. to attend, try eating a portion of your regular healthy food before going there. It will help you in having less food over there.

Throughout the week, you can order a veggie pie that is light on cheese along with a side salad, healthy and tasty much. So don’t go off track by taking a little peer pressure, you exercise and diet will be of no use.

You will become a motivation for your friends and partner as well.

10- Last fitness tip, a little exercise after eating

Want a high metabolism?

Do a light workout after eating a meal. This will increase the blood flow and digestion will be made easier and paced up.

You can opt for a short walk around your block or even riding on your bicycle to the market for some grocery will help. But avoid anything too intense right after your meal as it will interrupt your digestion and result in cramps.

Another fitness tip, heavy workout before sleep will make it harder for you to go to sleep. Doing some easy stretches will relax your muscles and align your body properly before your sleep.

This is the best way to end your day. Stay active, keep fit and stay healthy.


For a happy life, you need a healthy lifestyle. All of these fitness tips will surely make you fit and healthy.

You’ll see the results yourself once you start applying these and adding these fitness tips in your daily routine.

You’ll feel fresh and active through out the day and everything will become easy. Make life easier and longer by remembering these fitness tips. No one can take care of your health except you.

So take control of your life and get on the right track if you want to enjoy your retirement plan.

We hope these 10 fitness tips have given you enough motivation and energy to bring some essential changes in your lifestyle.

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