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10 Cool Facts About Trucks

By Dudepins @dudepins

We all enjoy trucks from a distance, especially when they're almost animated and part of the latest Transformers show, right? But as much as trucks are fun to watch, most of us dudes don't really know much about them in terms of hard facts, unless we grew up near one or something. Here are the top 10 facts about trucks that you'll definitely enjoy learning about. If this doesn't make you want to quit your job and hit the highroads in a truck, we don't know what will (not that we'd be advising you to).

10 Cool Facts about Trucks

1. Origin of the word 'truck'

First documented use of the word was in 1611, and it referred to the heavy duty wheels on the cannon carriages of ships. By 1711 it was used to describe carts designed for transporting heavy items. Trucks are also called 'lorries', by the way.

2. Average driver stats

The average truck driver is male, 33 years old, lives in Florida, works for FedEx, drives about 105,000 miles per year and has about 3.5 million colleagues all over the country. About one in nine truck drivers are independent (and a serious investment is required for that).

3. Average driver salary

The average salary for someone hired to drive trucks is about $55,000 per year. Not something to make you rich, but enough if your dream is route 66.

4. Truck accidents statistics

There aren't that many accidents involving trucks: only 500,000 of them each year, compared to cars which cause 5.25 million. Oh, and another funny fact: only 2.4% of all accidents are truck vs. car, and in 84% of cases it is the car driver's fault.

5. Top 5 movie makers and actors which made trucks popular

6. Top 5 songs about truck driving

  • Roll on 18 Wheeler (by Alabama)
  • Papa Loved Mama (by Garth Brooks)
  • East Bound and Down (by Jerry Reed)
  • Convoy (by C. W. McCall)
  • Trucker's Prayer (by Box Car Willie)

7. Largest production of trucks

Not an American, but a Japanese company was the one to hit the record: Isuzu manufactures over 450,000 commercial trucks each year.

8. First motorized truck in history

The first one of such trucks was built in 1896 by the German manufacturer Gottlieb Daimler, whom we also need to thank for inventing the motorbike and the taxi.

9. Types of trucks in existence

Too numerous to recount, but these are the main types in use: tip trucks, semi-trucks, fire trucks, refrigerator trucks and concrete trucks.

10. Trucks are definitely tougher than cars!

Let's recap all the ways in which trucks are superior to mere cars. A car engine is generally six times smaller than the engine of a truck, and only has 100-200 horsepower compared to a truck's 400-600 horsepower. Trucks' engines will also last up to 1 million miles, whereas cars' engines will give up after 200,000 miles. A truck engine can hold 15 gallons, a car's only 1.25 gallons. If you're thinking 'yes, but at least cars are faster', think again. The Hawaiian Eagle fire truck can casually reach speeds of 406 miles, which most cars don't even dream of achieving. Should we go on or are we all convinced of just how cool trucks are?

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