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10 Best Video Poker Games in 2017

By Russell Deasley @Worlds_Top_10

There are only two best odds a punter can choose from in a casino, the blackjack, and the video poker. But of the two, I choose video poker as my favourite game. Without following any order, these are my 10 best video poker games and you are welcomed to try them out too.

By: Real Time Gaming

Game Summary

Pick'em Poker has a lot of features to be tried out. Also known as Pick a Pair Poker, this game is basically a simplified version of online video poker but with adjustments in the game rules. You will enjoy a simple strategy in this game plus low house edge of 0.05% and a player pay return of 99.95%. Moreover, the low volatility has contributed to the game's popularity. This has advantages to the player because they will enjoy long gaming hours with a minimum reduction in their bankroll.

Players can win up to 6000 coins using the Royal Flush on the standard 52 card deck. If you come across this game on the internet, do not hesitate to give it a try.

Pick'em Payout Table

By: Net Entertainment

Game Summary

Jack or Better is one of the top rated video poker games, and that's a reason you must try out this game. It has best-paying odds with a 9/6 paytable, outstanding, right? And if you are wondering why Jack or Better is the foundation of video poker games, then you already has your answer.

This game is based on 5cards with a return pay percentage of 99.54% making the house edge to be 0.46%. You will notice that the 9/6 variant has a payout of 800:1 for a Royal Flush. You can also win the Grand Prize of 4000 coins if you bet with 5 coins and Royal Flush.

Jacks or Better has a simple gameplay as it utilizes the standard deck but with no wild card. The player can use the 'Double' feature to double the winning in the base games or the 'Double Half' which doubles half of your win whereas the remaining half is retained in your account.

Moreover, the game has two gaming modes, you can in manual or choose auto play mode. The game payout table is as follows;

By: Realtime Gaming

Game Summary

Like other mentioned video poker games, Double Bonus has a standard deck with a small house edge compared to other video pokers. Using a pay table of 45-10-7-5-3-1-1, players get a theoretical RTP of 100.17% for Full House and Flush hands.

This game has some features that can be used to maximize winning and for smoothing gaming. The Autoplay option is used to place bets as many times as the player wants. Doubling allows the payer to double their winnings after winning a hand. If you manage to get 5 coins and one Royal Flush, you walk away with 4000 coins instantly.

It has a paytable as shown below.

By: Realtime Gaming

Gamer Summary

Most gamblers prefer this game over other because of its Theoretical RTP of 100.76% which automatically cuts out the house edge in the game. In fact, Deuces comes 2nd most popular video poker game after Jacks or Better if they were to be arranged in a chronological order.

As the name suggests, Deuces is the wild card and it can be used to replace one of the player's card hence, increasing chances of hitting combination wins.

This 52 cards standard deck poker has a game payout of 5:1 for 4 of a kind of the combination. On the other hand, the payout for 5 of a kind is 15 coins per every 1 coin won. Additionally, you stand a chance of winning the maximum prize of 4000 coins when you get all 5 coins and a Royal Flush. Players also enjoy a Full House and Flash hands of 9/6 for 1 coin and 45/30 for 5 coins.

The best online Deuces Wild you can try out is one with 9,4,4,3,1,1 paytable with a payback percentage of 99.45%. Deuces Wild's paytable is a follows.

By: Realtime Gaming

Game Summary

If you are looking for an alternative poker where you can get an edge over the house, try Double Double Bonus video poker. Players enjoy a payback percentage of 99.34% with bet limits ranging from $0.25 to $25 coins. This game offers high payoffs for 4 of a kind, just as an experienced player could expect.

Even though there are no wild cards, this video poker is developed with excellent graphics and impressive payouts. Players who manage to collect the Royal Flush and stake all 5 cards win the grande prize of 4000 coins.

Moreover, the game has a bonus round that allows players to double their winnings. The paytable of Double Double Bonus is as shown below.

By: Realtime Gaming

Game Summary

Ace and Eights are some best video poker games with a payback return of 99.56%. If you can manage to master the game strategies, then you will walk away with great prizes. The best-recommended table is one with 8-5-4-3-2-1 pay table. You will notice that the game is similar to Jacks or Better in a number of ways except for the bonus payoffs which are earned when you hit 4 of a kind comprising the Aces or Eights.

By: Realtime Gaming

Game Summary

Jokers Wild stands out to be unique from the above-mentioned video poker games. Expect a different paytable and a different deck with 53 cards instead of the normal 52 cards. The 53rd card in this game is the joker which represents the wild.

Jokers Wild's pay table is similar to that of Jacks or Better but with some differentiating features. Players also enjoy a hand pay off of 200:1.

Players receive a payback percentage of 100.64%, a feature that makes it to be similar to Deuces Wild poker game.

By: Realtime Gaming

Game Summary

The gimmick in Triple Bonus can only be compared to the one in Bonus Poker. The players get to multiply their payoffs by 3 and the payoffs of 4 of a kind in Triple Bonus are as follows.

4 aces payoff at ratio of 240:1

4 deuces (also 3s or 4s) payoff at a ratio of 120:1

Any other 4 of a kind payoff at a ratio of 75:1

Additionally, gamblers who can Triple a Bonus with the right table will be rewarded with a payback return of 99.94%!

By: Realtime Gaming

Game Summary

All American poker is known and played by gamblers from all over the world. It is played both for fun and for real money gambling. This game has a high payout of 98.11% and a house edge of 0.04%. The more bets you place the higher the payouts on a right table with a 30,8,8,8,3,1,1 layout.

By now you must have realized that All American Poker has cut down the payoffs for 2 pairs. Consequently, the payoffs for bigger hands like Straight was raised to 8:1

By: Realtime Gaming

Game Summary

Even though the game has a 0% payback, it is good for beginners and novices since it comes in a free version. Moreover, the free version is a good form of entertainment with minimum risks involved.

There are some casinos that list tournaments on their sites but they require sign up fee to access them. You must, however, be sure of the site's license and regulation before you start real money gambling.

Playing video poker games can be as simple or challenging like any other slot or roulette games you have come across. If you want to maximize your chances of win big, we recommend that you stick on games with nothing less 99% payback.

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