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10 Best Utility Room Storage Ideas

By Simone Design Blog @HomeSpire

10 Best Utility Room Storage Ideas

Utility rooms are notorious for being cramped. If your is small, then you will want to make the best possible use of your space to store your laundry supplies, as well as anything else convenient you would like to fit in your laundry. It is important to think about how you can design areas of the room to serve double duty. If you are looking for new inspiration and a better way to room then here are great ways that will help you save that precious space and time.

For your clothes that should not go into the dryer, by adding a hanging bar it will help you dry skirts, shirts and other clothing. They are best removed from the dryer whilst they are still damp than completely air dried. Mount the drying rack to the wall with hinges allowing it to swing out when you need it. If you are looking to reduce your energy bill then by drying clothes the old-fashioned way will help you cut your energy costs and keep them lowered.

10 Best Utility Room Storage Ideas

Many people disregard using the space about your washing machine and drying, yet it is such a great option for storage. Especially if you have chose a front loading washing machine, in this instance you could potentially place a countertop over them both to provide additional space for folding clothes or to store laundry soap and fabric softener. You can make this space more appealing by storing your soaps in decorative jars.

10 Best Utility Room Storage Ideas

Install a rack or towel holder along with some hooks above the sink. This gives you the option of holding brushes, sponges and other tools when hand washing your clothes in a laundry room sink.

A Laundry basket dress, which can be easily made yourself, will enable you to hold several laundry baskets in a small space. This allows baskets to be easily pulled from the dresser like drawers.

10 Best Utility Room Storage Ideas

If you store your household cleaning equipment such as mops, vacuum cleaner it may be a good idea to try and designate a cleaning wall or section to keep these bulky items together and in their own space. You could hang a sturdy rack on your wall high enough to hold your mops and brooms. You can pack small cleaning items such as rags and sponges in closed containers so they are easily stackable.

Utility rooms are also a great place for storing your seasonal wear, such as heavy winter coats. A coat rack will keep the coats in fresh, good condition while your family isn't wearing them. When winter comes around your families coats will be ready to be worn again.

If you laundry is lacking space for conventional storage shelves then you can buy inexpensive over the door racks from your local hardware store. This is a great way to add additional storage and store all your laundry bottles without them cluttering the counters and cupboards.

10 Best Utility Room Storage Ideas
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