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10 Best Tips on Dating a Coworker

By Claireogden

Workplace romances can often be tempting. You are working at the same office, room and possibly even sharing a cubicle. You start to feel like there is chemistry between you and your coworker and there is nothing you can do about it. Avoiding him or her forever is impossible. Why not give it a try? One of the relationship experts decided to share his advice on dating a coworker and explained why it can be the best decision you have ever made.

“A lot of people seem to be skeptical about dating a coworker. They believe it will interfere with your job and your relationship with the boss and other coworkers. However, if you behave the appropriate way and be honest about your relationship, it can work very well. It would be a shame to reject someone amazing just because you are working in the same office. This person could be your soulmate. Actually, that is exactly what happened to me. I was in love with a coworker for a really long time but did not pursue the relationship at first. Lucky, at the end, I decided to give this relationship a try and I am now happily married to the same woman I was once sharing a cubicle with. I want to share my tips on how to make dating a coworker work”.

Office romance

    1. How to ask a coworker out Find out his or her relationship status

Before approaching your coworker and asking him or her out on a date, you need to find out if he or she is single first.You can do that by checking the social media accounts, browsing through photos online, asking a mutual friend, or if you are brave enough, you can ask the coworker yourself as well.  Making sure that your coworker is single and not in a relationship will help you to avoid awkward situations and embarrassment. Don’t try to approach a co-worker that is already in a relationship. You will most likely get rejected and your relationship with the coworker will never be the same afterward.  

  2. Choose the right place to approach your coworker

Pick the place and time when you are going to ask your coworker out. Find the place that is quiet and peaceful. Don’t ask him or her out in front of other people or when the coworker is busy with work or stressed. Your coworker might feel intimidated or even reject you without thinking it through.The right place for asking your coworker out if crucial to your success.”

  3. Ask your coworker outAsk your coworker out

Make sure that you feel and look good on the day when you will ask him or her out. If you feel sick or simply not having a good day, it is better to wait. There is no need to rush. Start off by making a small talk. Ask your coworker how his or her day is going or other similar questions you have in mind. Slowly transition the conversation towards a possible date. Let your coworker know that you enjoy talking to him or her and would like to continue your chat sometime outside of the office. The worst that could happen is if your coworker rejects the invitation. In that case, smile and politely excuse yourself.

What to do about your office romance

”Things are going well between the both of you. You definitely have chemistry and enjoy each other’s presence. Now is the time to set some ground rules”:

Let your boss know about the relationshipLet your boss know about the relationship

“Don’t try to hide your relationship from your employer, because eventually he or she will find out and it might not go so well. Being honest and telling your boss about your relationship with a coworker shows respect. Let your boss know that your relationship will not interfere with your job and you will remain professional at all times.”

Be professional

Keep the promise you have made to your boss and remain focused and efficient at work. Don’t get distracted by your boyfriend or girlfriend working in the same office. Stay productive and complete your tasks as you would before getting involved in the workplace romance. You can chat with your significant other about anything you want after the work day is over and of course, always keep it PDA in the office”.

Don’t discuss your relationship with other coworkers Don’t discuss your relationship with other coworkers

Unless one of the coworkers is a good friend of yours, it is not recommended to discuss your relationship with the rest of the team. Work gossip is very common and it could hurt you in the long run. Avoid having arguments or fights with each other in the office, lunchroom, anywhere where you can be heard by your coworkers.This will lead to more gossip and can even get you in trouble with the boss. There’s time and place where you and your partner can discuss your issues.”

Stay motivated and keep growing professionallyStay motivated and keep growing professionally

Even though you have someone that has your back and supports you, it is important to keep working hard and achieving your career goals. Relying on someone else to help you score a new promotion is not nearly as satisfying and reliable as achieving your own goals.”    

Learn to balance your life

Working with your boyfriend or girlfriend means that you will spend most of your time with to them. However, it doesn’t mean that you should give up your friendships, hobbies and other activities that you like doing. Spending a lot of time with the same person can absolutely drive anyone crazy and you need something to keep your sane. Take a cooking class, play tennis or spend some time with your friends on the weekend”.   

“I hope you found my tips on dating a coworker useful. I wish you best of luck in your relationships and would love to read your comments or additional questions that you might have”.

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