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10 Best Solar Powered Watches of 2018

Posted on the 20 August 2018 by Rinkesh @ThinkDevGrow

The world is shifting from depending on electric energy to run the various electronic gadgets and machinery in industries on other renewable sources of energy in a bid to conserve not only the environment but also ensure the non-renewable sources of energy are not depleted. As such, electronic devices have been harnessed with qualities that enable them to absorb solar energy from the sun which is readily available whenever the sun is up.

Among such gadgets are the solar watches. They are watches that not only depend on batteries for normal functioning but are also set to optimize on solar energy. This article explores the best solar watches to purchase and use.


Casio Men's 'G Shock' Quartz Stainless Steel and Resin Casual Watch, Color:Black (Model: GST-S110-1ACR)

This is a men’s solar powered watch fitted with a 3-fold stainless steel band that secures the watch on the owner’s hand and also acts as a shock-absorber due to a resin layer. In addition to this, the band can also come fitted with a tough leather band. It is water-resistant up to a distance of 200m (660ft).

The G-Steel has a double LED lighting that ensures optimal absorption of solar energy. Because of this feature, once fully charged, the watch can last up to 19 months away from any light source. Also, the watch has a myriad set of colours to choose from. One of the greatest attributes of this watch is the combination of both worlds, that is, the digital world and the analog world.

Again, as a G-Shock, it is able to withstand a lot of physical disturbance and is preferable for outdoor activities as the strap and the bands are well fitted. It has a sporty look and can blend with any clothing.

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2. Seiko SSC017 Prospex-Solar Powered Chronograph Dive Watch

Seiko Men's SSC017 Prospex Analog Japanese Quartz Solar Stainless Steel Dive Watch

Made in USA, this is a diving watch approved by international standards. Divers can take a plunge of 200m with no damage to the watch. The Prospex has a very well defined solar charging system that enables it to optimize on solar energy. It also has a stainless steel case that ensures added comfort and quality.

The watch has guard push buttons making it have a sporty feel. The presence of bezels ensures the elegance of the watch is upheld. Also, the watch provides good visibility in the dark owing to the luminous hands. The band is light and the fold-over clasp is strong and there is ease in attachment or removal. The Prospex has an in-built battery than can store up energy for 6 months making it very efficient.

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3. Casio G-Shock GW – 9400 Rangeman

Casio Men's GW-9400-1CR Master of G Stainless Steel Solar Watch

It is a dive watch that one can go scuba driving with up to a depth of 200m. Party to being a G-Shock, the Rangeman has a sturdy build to it which enables it become an outdoor kind of watch for most travellers, campers and adventurers.

Moreover, its design is also built to ensure the watch is shock resistance even in the most adverse conditions. The Rangeman can be used to set alarms owing to the programmable alarms fitted in the watch, making it unique compared to other G-Shock watches.

Also, it is equally fitted with a working digital compass, an analog direction indicator, and a thermometer. Once fully charged, it is powered with a ten-year battery life.

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4. Casio Pathfinder PAG240-1CR

Casio Men's PAG240-1CR Pathfinder Triple Sensor Multi-Function Sport Watch

This watch is probably the best for an individual willing to be informed on the environment stats thanks to the fitting of various weather instruments ranging from the thermometer, the barometer and the altimeter, among others.

Like the Rangeman, the Pathfinder also gives information about the sunrise and the sunset. It also has count down timers, time zones, and power-saving modes. The over 30 different time zones make the Pathfinder a traveler’s favorite. It is fitted with five alarms that increase time accuracy for the user.

Also, it is water resistant up to a depth of 100m. Further to this, it is also temperature resistant, working in different temperatures including as low as –10 degrees Celsius. The watch is visible in most lighting conditions due to a triple sensor that enables it to adjust to the various terrains with their different lightings.

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5. Citizen Eco-Drive BM8180-03E Japanese Quartz Green Watch

Citizen Men's Eco-Drive Stainless Steel Watch with Day/Date display, BM8180-03E

This is a men’s watch wear with a rugged feeling to it, which can add to the personalities of such users. More to this, the strap of the watch is military-inspired with an army green weave which is stitched to add the elegance of the rugged texture. The watch comes with a stainless steel construction that has a round black dial.

The presence of the Japanese quartz movement enables the watch to charge in indoor light as well as natural outdoor light. It is also quite easy to view the watch in dark hours due to the luminosity of the hands. In addition, with a dive height of 100 metres, the watch is ideal for swimming.

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6. Seiko Silvertone Black Dial Solar Calendar Watch

Seiko Men's SNE039 Stainless Steel Solar Watch

This is Solar-powered classic watch with sunray dial featuring logo. It comes with 37 mm stainless steel case with Hardlex dial window. It has stainless steel link bracelet with push-button clasp. It is water resistant to 30 meters (100 feet). There’s no need for battery changes with this energy efficient men’s timepiece which is powered by all light and generates a long power reserve for reliability. It is crafted of brushed stainless steel with a white dial protected by a durable crystal.

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7. Citizen Eco-Drive NightHawk BJ7000- 52E Pilot Watch

Citizen Men's Eco-Drive Promaster Nighthawk Dual Time Watch with Date, BJ7000-52E

With a 200m water resistance depth, the NightHawk is as good in depth as the Prospex but not as ideal for scuba diving. In most cases, it is used for aviation thus the name, pilot watch. The watch has a very complex display with a lot of details bearing so many characters, making it somehow similar to an organized phone.

The NightHawk is also a great gadget for travellers due to the fitting of the GMT function that enables users to locate the time to their locations anywhere in their travel. With a long-lasting icy blue lume, the watch provides ease when reading in the dark. Besides, it is fitted with an Eco-Drive Solar charging system making it easy to absorb and store up energy for months.

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8. Bering Time 14640-222 Solar Watch

BERING Time 14640-222 Men Solar Collection Watch with Stainless-Steel Strap and scratch resistent sapphire crystal. Designed in Denmark

This watch is ideal for men, most especially for outdoor activities. It is able to last for periods between 6 and 12 months with no exposure to any light. The Bering is scratch resistant owing to the sapphire glass covering the display, making it sleek and long lasting in its unique display.

Its strap is made of calf leather, which is not only ideal for outdoors but also comfortable and needless to say, it gives it an elegant look. This watch is water resistant to a depth of 50m, making it quite ideal for swimming. Unlike most of the watches made of stainless steel, this watch is also made of ceramic material for its body composition.

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9. Casio ProTrek PRW- 3000- 1CR Watch

Casio Men's PRW-3000-1CR Protrek Triple Sensor Multi-Function Watch

The ProTrek is an ideal watch for travellers especially those that require environmental assistance in direction and in weather status such as humidity and temperature. It comes fitted with a compass, a barometer, and an altimeter. It also helps in providing detailed time accuracy with the multi-band radio atomic timekeeping, which calibrates an hour on a regular basis.

A detailed display holds various features such as a calendar, a timer, and stopwatch. What’s more, with a depth of 100m, it is ideal for swimming activities. It is also resistant to low temperatures, as low as –10 degrees Celsius. With sunrise and sunset and daily alarms, the watch is good for keeping the user informed about their time as they go about their activities throughout the day.

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10. Citizen Eco-Drive Skyhawk A-T Watch

Citizen Men's JY0005-50E

Like the Bering Time 14640-222 Solar Watch, this watch uses a sapphire crystal stainless steel that protects the glass from constant scratches. Plus, it aids in reducing the incidence of light reflection which can be a hindrance to optimal time keeping and reading.

Like all Citizen Watches, it is fitted with the Eco-Drive Charging system that enables it to detect minimal light and for this reason, it charges not only using the solar energy but also the indoor lightings. To aid in accuracy, it has an atomic time keeping two-tonned band.

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