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10 Awesome Valuable Social Media Tips For You

By Lisa @Lisapatb

Social Media Tips You Can Use Now!

Do 10 Awesome Valuable Social Media Tips For Youyou ever wonder how to improve your social media usage? Are there days you feel that no one is seeing or sharing your social media content? There are 10 social media tips that could help you today below in this great infographic. Some of these social media tips came as a surprise to me and others did not. You may find some very useful and some tips you may already knew or have forgotten.

Social Media As Search

This tip one was the biggest surprise to me. How many of you use social media networks to do search online now? It is truly amazing how social media networks are now really competing with Google for web views during online searches. Be sure to use your keywords when posting on social media so they can be found in searches.

Best Time for Social Media Posts

I take this one of the social media tips with a grain of salt. I think it really depends on where you are in the world, what your niche is about and who and how many followers you have. I think it's more individualized than generalized. It is nice to see the generalized times for posts as a sample guide. But in the long run I think you must do your own analytics research to find your best time to post or tweet! Would you agree with that?

Mentions with Less Followers

This social media tip on Twitter came to me as a little surprise. One would think the more followers you have the more retweets you would have. But that's is not necessarily so on Twitter. It's more about engagement there. Engagement has evolved over the years and is used more in analysis than ever before. Peeps with less followers have more time and focus to engage with their smaller following. (If you have more followers don't forget to use your Twitter Lists!) I also wonder how more friends on Facebook matters with engagement and likes, anyone? I sense a future post on this one coming on.

Which of the 10 social media tips do you like the best? What else would you add to this list?

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10 Awesome Valuable Social Media Tips For You
10 Awesome Valuable Social Media Tips For You

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