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10 Android Games I Just Can’t Do Without

Posted on the 24 July 2015 by Babanature @proudlyonenaija

Yes! If I'm exhausted and thinking of the next post to write, I'll take out my phone and play me some games. I love playing mobile games because it helps me think and strategize my next plan. It is also the best strategy to kill time 😉

10 Android Games I Just can’t do Without

I was chatting with a good friend of mine some few days ago and he told me to list down my favorite Android mobile games without thinking or thinking too hard. I did beat him in his game because I actually mentioned my favorite games without thinking or wasting his time.

10 Android games I just can't do without

Playing games on your phone is awesome and to my experience, there is no age restriction in playing video or mobile games or is there?

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Did you just buy a new android phone and want some recommended games? I am sure you will like the games I'll be mentioning today.

Below are my 10 best android games I just can't do without:

Candy crush

I like playing Candy Crush because it helps me think hard. Tell me, who doesn't love puzzle games?

10 Android Games I Just can’t do Without

Candy Crush is a puzzle game that allows you to switch and match your way through hundreds of levels.

Temple Run 2

Also one of the most played games around. I love this game because it helps me thinks fast

Temple Run 2 is an endless racing (running) game where the antagonist (man) runs from the protagonist (monkey).

Run and don't let him catch you... lol

Killer bean

Okay, I play this game more than once a day, and I must say that I love it more each time I play it.

Killer bean is an action game. His mission is to find the beans that are trying to assassinate him and eliminate them.

Race illegal: High Speed 3D

If you like playing racing games, then I am sure you're going to love this.

Race Illegal is a 3D race game that has more than 20 tracks, so know that the excitement isn't going to stop.


This game is awesome and the graphic is off the charts. I recently just started playing this game, but I love it all the way.

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Manuganu is a 3D running game, where you control the boy to avoid swinging rocks, hammers, flames and other enemies with the right timing.

Beach buggy blitz

If you love kart racing, then I am sure you will love this game as well

10 Android Games I Just can’t do Without

Beach buggy blitz is a 3D car racing game. They are taking beach racing to another level by making it much more fun and you are racing against time...

Subway surf

This is another running game that I love and sure you will love...

Subway Surf is about a boy running from an inspector and his dog. Dodging obstacles and collecting coins...

Stick tennis

If you love playing tennis, then I am sure you're going to love stick tennis because it has all that you need from a tennis game.

Zombie highway

Okay! This one is interesting, how it works? Escaping from a zombie-infested country by using a car.

Be careful because the zombies might jump on your car and bring you down 😀

Die hard

If you love action/mind games then this one is for you. Try to pass stages after stages by clearing and defeating obstacles coming your way.

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I love the game "Die Hard" because it makes me think and keep me at alert... why? You will never know where the next enemy will come out from.

Block crush legend

Brick games have always been my all time favorite game.

Block Crush Legend is an addictive game, trust me - Your aim in this game is to arrange bricks accordingly. Don't arrange it well? You won't get marks and the brick will only increase.


Playing mobile or video games is good and it helps calm your brain down. Remember that "work and no play make Jack a dull boy".

Back to you

What other games do you play that I didn't mention here? Do use the comment box below to mention them.

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Remember that your comments, questions and thoughts are highly welcomed.

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