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10 Android Game(s) From Africa That Will Blow Your Mind

Posted on the 14 August 2016 by Babanature @proudlyonenaija

Believe it or not, Africans are improving in the tech department as well. Talk of good Android game(s) that’s addictive, they’ve got it.


I am still wondering why African games from the Android Play Store don’t get as much download as they should. Maybe they don’t promote it as they should? The answer is still unknown to me…

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Some few weeks ago, I was sent an Android game to have a feel and dropped my opinion about the mobile game.

Ever since I got a hold of the mobile game, I have been playing it all day. Yes, I mean all day 🙂 . Trust me, a game can be addictive if it’s awesome, don’t you think? Yeah, I know 😉

Since there are lots of Android games created by Africans out there that are doing well, I’ve decided to make a post about it.

Well, I don’t have them all, but on my today’s post, I will be mentioning 10 Android games coming from Africa that is available on the play store.

10 Awesome Android Game(s) From Africa You Should Play

If you have a long day and thinking of relieving your stress? Your Android games might be the best tool for you to cool off, don’t you think?

Below are my top 10 Android Games from Africa that I am sure you’ll love if you give a try…

Sambisa Assault:

According to its developer: It’s a simple but addictive whack-a-mole type game. So you are the soldier on an elite team of military fighters tasked with taking out a dreaded terrorist organization. Your mission is simple, take out as many terrorists as possible and as you do so, you raise through the ranks.

Bubble Bash

You think this is just another simple bubble game? Think again… The rule is simple – don’t let the bubbles reach the bottom of the screen or you might lose the stage! With multiple levels, you can deploy different strategy and get free boosters to reach the next level!

Chicken Escape

How can a funny chicken collect cherries while escape from obstacles? The game is about a chicken dodging cattle and sheep while you get yourself some cherries. It’s a simple game play but a test for your reaction and mind!

Jagun – Clash of Kingdoms

According to its developer: Set in the medieval age Niger area, the Jagunlabi Kingdom has quickly become the most prosperous kingdom in the land but with prosperity comes envy. Other Kingdoms have decided to conquer your kingdom and now her fate lies in your hands.

Ebola Strike Force

According to its developer: Ebola Strike Force tells the story of research scientists and doctors who discovered that they could develop the cure from a serum, which could only be extracted from patient X with the help of a nanobot.The player takes control of the nanobot and journeys through patient X’s body to extract the serum.

Mama Put

According to its developer: Help Iya Basira get the needed ingredients as she embarks on cooking delicious African dishes. All you have you to do is to match same color bubbles to release Iya Basira’s locked ingredients.

Okada Rider

According to its developer: Play Okada Ride and see how long you can stay on the road when taking an Okada Ride! Aggressively weave through the streets of West Africa on your Okada Taxi Ride.

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Try to get to your destination as quickly as possible by collecting as much Fuel and Money as you can while avoiding potholes, avoiding other vehicles, and not running out of fuel along the way.

Jewel Conquest

According to its developer: Jewel Conquest is the classic game in which you must create groups of three or more identical gems to get spectacular combos and set extraordinary scores.

Final Combat

According to its developer: Final Kombat 2 is an amazing Fighting Arcade Platform game set in a Subway City. It is set in a retro Arcade Subway, mixing the Platform Game with the Mortal Kombat fighting style.

Your Pick

Have you played an Android game coming from Africa that I didn’t mentioned here? You can use the comment section below to drop them and they might help to complete the list… or what do you think?


I have played the above games and I must say that they are addictive and a good play. If you are a blogger and you need to relax your brain so you can be more productive, playing games in your spare time might just be the best idea 😉

Let’s Talk

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Do you have comments, questions, or thoughts you’d love to share with us? Please do use the comment box below to share with us. Remember that your comments questions, and thoughts are highly welcomed and most appreciated.

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