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10 Ahhh-mazingly Simple Decorating Ideas

By Lynne @lynneknowlton

Life is better when you are laughing.

NOTE : If I do a blog post with that cancer word again, then someone is going to get punched in the head.  Me.  I will clock myself.  Because I am tired of talking about that C word.  That C word is where happiness goes to die.  Forget-ta-bout-it…. I am bringing the fun back. Cancer can just sit on it and rotate.

Dear Cancer,

Shut your face.  I’m not talking about you anymore.


Why?  The C word makes me want to drop F-bombs.  It is a shit sandwich.

 C word= joy*killer.

I put that C word right up there in the same category as an enema.  Or drinking goat urine.  Not fun.  I am avoiding ALL.  For FOREVER.  I want to bury my head in the sand for a while and avoid the cancer subject.  Sound fun?  Say YES.

diy, how to, tutorial, decorating, inexpensive ideas for decorating

Ikea lighting, old chair with paint.

Upcycle old chairs with paint.

Top 100 INTERIOR DESIGN BLOGS  challenge.  You up for it?  If not.  Divert your eyes and look out. I will throw things at you if you don’t vote for me.

Stop the violence.


New blog update : VOTING CLOSED on Nov 30th …so no pressure to vote for me now.  Whew.  


Modenus started a list for the Top 100 Interior Design Blogs.  My friends from the The Building Blox and Dasal Lighting met in a back alley and formulated a plan to add me on the list.  I am sure there was gin and tonic involved.

Suddenly, I feel the need to brush my hair every day.  I need to act all designer-esque now, don’t I?!!

Does this mean that pajamas are an unacceptable dress code?  Geesh.  The demands of a designer.  Does this mean I have to act my age and not my shoe size?



Tip #2 :
10 Ahhh-mazingly Simple Decorating Ideas

Garden edging from the dollar store makes a great table runner !

10 Ahhh-mazingly Simple Decorating Ideas

Use natural elements as a table runner. &gn Blog list.  It landed at number #6.  I started at 178.  *blush*  You wouldn’t believe who I had to sleep with to get to number six.  Let’s just say that gin and tonic is {{officially}} a pantie remover.  Shit.  I am already not acting like a designer.  My bad.  So sad.

Don’t tell on me.

I am sure the other designers have a bit more class than I do.  I bet they don’t keep their receipts thrown filed so nicely in a shoe box.

Why I love this challenge :

The top 100 Design Blogs will remain as a permanent feature on the Modenus site for a year. Hellooooo.  Come to Momma.  Slutty ~Gin and Tonic drinking~ Momma, but Momma nonetheless.

Tip #3 :


DIY decorating in your home

The candles help the hussy-ness.

10 Ahhh-mazingly Simple Decorating Ideas

**   Twig rod with shells.

**  West Elm lighting. It is a fabulously {larger than life} large light.

**  Candles from Ikea.  Practically free they are so inexpensive.

**  Oil  Not designer-esque again.  I digress.

I like to think of myself as REAL.

Real design ideas.

Real simple.

Life is based on a true story.

Let’s live it real.

True. Simple. Easy. REAL. 

DIY decorating in your home great ideas

Treehouse REAL

10 Ahhh-mazingly Simple Decorating Ideas

If you don’t VOTE for me, I will be crushed and be forced to live on liquorice and Milk Duds to get me through this depression.

I personally think Milk Duds solve everything.

That is not the point.

P.S.  I confiscated Milk Duds from my kids. Once.  They never saw them again.  I have no idea where they went. I totally acies.  Like red wine explosions.  Or Milk Duds melting on your butt.  It is worth it.  I think a Milk Dud is best explained as chocolate meeting caramel and committing unspeakable acts of deliciousness. Nasty chocolate caramel sex.  It spawns calories.

DIY decorating inexpensively

Don’t look too closely. I have Milk Duds hiding under our sofa.

10 Ahhh-mazingly Simple Decorating Ideas

Want more designer secrets outta the closet?? Deeeemanding.  OK.  All the skeletons are coming out.  Hopeful the fur balls will too.  I could knit a sweater with the dust balls in my closets.  Somehow, I can always think of something better to do than clean a closet.  What you DON’T SEE won’t hurt you.  Just throw all your crap in the closet.  The room will look clean and you can focus on your curtains.  That is what matters.  CURTAINS.

Tip #5 :

Use throw blankets as cup>DIY EXPENSIVELY

Uhhhm, that is an Ikea light in there too. Forgot about that.

One wee problemo :  I swear the throw blankets at Ikea are getting smaller.  Like McDonald’s Big Macs.  I could swear on my Mother that they were bigger when I was a kid.   My Mom and I would split one.   That is what she gave me for breakfast every single day.  Jokes.

The Ikea sheepskin rugs are getting smaller too.  I swear it.  Or this could be a butt problem again.

Are our mouths just bigger now? Or our butts?  Did you notice that I just said your butt was bigger? I can’t have a big butt~ alone.  I have a big butt and I can not lie.  LOVE that song.

Tip #6 :

Use the hook thingy’s to hold your throw blankets.  That is an official term.  Hook thingy.   You know the ones.  They are a circle thing with a clip on it.

10 Ahhh-mazingly Simple Decorating Ideas Or, if your throw blanket has a fringe, tie the fringe into wee knots to attach it to the rod.  It works.  Sexy-ness abounds.

DIY inexpensive ways to decorate in your home


10 Ahhh-mazingly Simple Decorating Ideas
Tip #7 :

Put your sheepskin rugs on chairs and benches.  How’s that for a slice of awesome??!!

DIY design ideas for decorating in your home

DIY, inexpensive, decorate, home

Easy. Sneezy. Breezy.

My fave tea towels are from West Elm.  I have a LOVE for West Elm.  An adoration.

@ngazmen.  I have his twitter username memorized.  Poor guy.

Every time I shop at West Elm, my husband hides my credit card.

I have no idea why.

10 Ahhh-mazingly Simple Decorating Ideas

Trunk Stash

Whoever said that you can’t get a kitchen sink into a VW bug… they LIED.

Been there.

Done that.

Got the poster.

NOTE : I keep a stash of cash in my pantie drawer for my West elm habits.  Clearly, I am going to need to move that stash now.

Hot little sidebar tip : I personally believe that every woman should have a stash of cash for rainy days.

Or West Elm.

Same same, but different.

Tip #9 :

Ikea sheers.  These puppies are $5.99 for a set of TWO ! Helllooooo.  That is practically free.  I use them all the time.  No need to hem.  You can cut them raw with scissors.  So cool.   You can also combine them with other curtains or use them as a stand alone.

10 Ahhh-mazingly Simple Decorating Ideas

Tea Towel meets Ikea Sheer. LOVE at first sight.

Have an ugly window?

Throw these babies on.

diy, design ideas, decorate, great ideas

Our outhouse. Or boudoir. Whatevahhh. It is fun in there.

10 Ahhh-mazingly Simple Decorating Ideas

Suddenly, you will be in love with the window again.

Mostly because you can’t see it.

diy, cheap ideas for your home, design ideas, how to, tutorial

Candles + Sheers = Boudoir :)

diy, how to, tutorial, design ideas, 10 ways to decorate

Shell ‘curtains’ as a window covering.

10 Ahhh-mazingly Simple Decorating Ideas

Tip #zillion :

OK, that was really tip number #11, but I numbered it #zillion so you would think I blew you away with soooo many tips.

In exchange I can promise you twigs and balls.  Same thing.  Penis = Twig and balls. Same same but different.

Use branches and twigs to create a curtain rod and brackets.  Sit up in your chair.  This is good stuff.  This may be my all time claim to fame.

10 ahhhmazingly simple D0Ahhh-mazingly%20Simple%20Decorating%20Ideas10 Ahhh-mazingly Simple Decorating Ideas

Great, I will be famous for my twig and balls….and I don’t even have a penis.  Nasty. What a visual.

Whaaatup wit dat? 

TWIG + BALLS = Designer hussy.

10 Ahhh-mazingly Simple Decorating Ideas

10 Ahhh-mazingly Simple Decorating Ideas

I will need to go for confession after this blog post.  Are you wondering why you hang out with me now?

twig curtain rod, how to, tutorial

Grapevine balls, DIY, how to create your own grapevine balls, tutorial, 10 ahhhmazingly simple DIY ideas for decorating

They look great at Christmas too! Think about that. LOL. Your balls will look good at Christmas.  I warned you that I didn’t have designer-esque class.

If you want to become a grapevine ball floozy, go check out this post :DIY: How to make Grapevine Balls.  You wouldn’t believe all the commotion over there on that blog post.  You will pee your pants. /" />

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