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02.11.16 Doug Duncan: an Albatross Around Kathleen Matthews’s Neck

Posted on the 12 February 2016 by Keith Berner @leftyview

Remember MoCo’s own Prince of Pavement? Well Doug Duncan is back, this time endorsing Kathleen Matthews for Congress from MD-8.

When we last saw Duncan in public office, he was putting together the infamous (and Orwellian-named) “End-Gridlock” slate. These polticos declared war on and went on a personal smear campaign against ethically clean and environmentally friendly leaders across the county. They worsened gridlock by pursuing rapid-pace development without regard to infrastructure needs (from mass transit, to roads, to schools). (Nancy Floreen [D-At Large] is, thankfully, the only remaining unrepentant, unreformed remnant of Duncan’s destructive policies and politics.)

As Matthews celebrates Duncan’s endorsement, she tells us exactly the kind of congresswoman she would be: avidly putting the Big Business interests above those of the people, making the environment subservient to low taxes and no regulation.

So, if you like Doug Duncan; if you love pavement more than clean water; if you want to increase corporate control of government, then Kathleen Matthews should get your vote.

If not, take Duncan’s endorsement as a strong indication that you should be looking for a candidate who is actually a real progressive.

Vote no to Wall Street representation from MD-8: declare that our district is not for sale and oppose Kathleen Matthews for Congress.

©2016 Keith Berner

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