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By Datingdiva40 @datingdiva40

Ever wished you could find the perfect man ?

Someone who wanted to fulfill your ever wish or dream.

A prince of a man who wanted nothing more than to make you happy. Are you so jaded after dating for so many years or after a nasty break-up that you doubt that such a man exists.

Have you ever stopped to think that he maybe like Santa Claus in a way. You stop believing in the magic so he no longer exists. You stopped writing to him and searching for him in the sky on Christmas Eve. Maybe you can't find him because you no longer believe he is out there.

Bitterness can blind you if you let it . It can make you lose the ability to see someone delightful because you are too busy looking for the flaws.

Disillusionment can turn you into an angry old spinster of a character. Rather certain Mr Right would be frightened off by her too.

Maybe Mr Wonderful needs you to sit in his lap and tell him what it is you want and believe that he wants you to have it. You may wake up and find everything you had wished for right before your eyes. If you can still believe that Mr Right exists like you believed that Santa Claus did when you were a child.

Story inspired by..tweeting with @Lady_Kajukenbo a woman who still believes..

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