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…White Out

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…White Out

Another disturbing statistic showing a rise in skin cancer in young adults was released by the Mayo Clinic last week.

While other studies have seen a decrease in some cancers; Mayo Clinic is seeing an alarming trend: a dramatic rise of skin cancer among people under 40.

Even more upsetting (though not surprising), when reviewing data for first-time diagnoses of melanoma in patients 18 to 39 from 1970 to 2009, the study found the incidence of melanoma increased eightfold among young women, but only fourfold among young men.

The obvious culprit–tanning beds.

Apparently the good, old-fashioned “you’ll get wrinkles and skin cancer” approach isn’t working so let’s try something else.

This news comes amidst one of the biggest career comebacks ever for the “fairest of them all.”

For those of you who haven’t noticed, we’re currently in the middle of one of the biggest “Snow White” booms since Disney made her G-rated.

Our fellow naturally melanin-deficient sister has undergone quite the makeover, but you’ll notice her most defining characteristic remains the same.

Not that there aren’t other kinds of beauty, but if your natural skin tone could blind someone on a sunny day, well you probably shouldn’t be the same color as a penny by early April.

So, if wrinkles and skin cancer won’t convince you to get out of the oven…or tanning bed…then Snow White will stare disapprovingly at you for the next few months from her thousands of movie posters, bus ads, billboards and television spots…plus she has seven dwarves to back her up.

…those of you who are curious about the reason for the recent Snow White infatuation–2012 is the 200th anniversary of first publication the Brothers Grimm’s collection of fairy tales.

More on the Story: Mayo Clinic- Skin Cancer News

…just for fun:

Snow White’s Advice for Young Girls

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