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What Is Pligg ?

Posted on the 21 September 2013 by Pro Webguru @prowebguru

Many of you may not be aware of this one of the useful CMS, PLIGG. What Is Pligg ?

Its a Social Publishing Content Management System. Which can be used as a data or link publishing content management system. It can be used for link sharing or link building.

It has good SEO support. Its an Open Source, PHP + MySQL, Social Publishing Content Management System.

Recently pligg has announced their latest version release some days back “Download & Upgrade to Pligg CMS 2.0 Latest Version“.

What is PLIGG CMS ?

What is PLIGG CMS ?

What kind of websites can be created using Pligg ?

Even it can be used to create community websites and groups.

What is the support for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) ?

Pligg has a nice support for SEO. You can customize how the URLs are built. It can be either a query parameter or it can be a direct url. Other than this it also has an option to specify keywords and description from admin section. Even you can specify different keywords and description for different categories.

Can I customize Pligg ? How to Customize Pligg ?

Yes. You can easily customize pligg. Pligg is written in PHP and MySQL. Anyone who knows little bit of PHP can customize it easily. Even there are some good pligg tutorials available on net.

Can I localize Pligg ?

Yes. You can easily localize pligg. It already has support for localization and presently it supports 12 languages.

Does pligg has SPAM issues ?

Actually the answer to this is Yes. But, in the latest version the SPAM problem is solved upto some extent. But there are pligg plugins and akismet plugin in pligg now, which can be used to get rid of spam links, spam stories and spam comments in pligg. Even there are some ways to get rid of spam in pligg like renaming register.php file frequently.

You can convert it into your own languages easily from admin menu.

What other features does pligg have ?

There are so many features of PLIGG CMS. You can Check features of Pligg CMS.

Where can I download latest version pligg 2 ?

The latest of version of Pligg is awesome as it supports responsive design with the use of twitter bootstrap framework.

You can download latest version 2.0.0 Final of Pligg CMS from Github.

Have you ever used pligg ? Or are you going to check it now ?

How is your experience with PLIGG ?

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