Mike Bullock


I'm a Christian who goes to an Anglican church and have three grown up children and six grandchildren. I write Christian poetry.



  • Floating


    I'm floating on the raft of God And I have yet to sink He's there to aid my buoyancy And keep me in the pink No matter what the problem As long as I stay calm... Read more

    Posted on 21 June 2017 CREATIVITY, RELIGION
  • Flop


    Plenty of people began at the top Never been nurtured, soon they will flop Listening to others who live on a cloud Preferring to follow the ones who are... Read more

    Posted on 17 June 2017 CREATIVITY, RELIGION
  • Forgive Yourself

    Forgive Yourself

    Things lie deep within ourselves Fragments buried from the past You have tried to lay them down Wish you could forget,at last Long to go back to those days So... Read more

    Posted on 13 June 2017 CREATIVITY, RELIGION
  • Forsake


    Do not forsake me, oh my Father While I am going through the storm I feel abandoned in my cistern I need to feel Your presence warm I know that it's a time of... Read more

    Posted on 05 June 2017 CREATIVITY, RELIGION
  • Forsaken


    My people have forsaken Me They do not want My power They'd rather live their fruitless lives Inside their ivory towers Jesus has been relegated Just like long... Read more

    Posted on 25 May 2017 CREATIVITY, RELIGION
  • Frank


    What's the use of being frank Driving through life like a tank Give again your tepid lives Then you'll know that you and Him For dodgy times are... Read more

    Posted on 20 May 2017 CREATIVITY, RELIGION
  • Free


    In Jesus name I've been set free My chains have been removed He's been working twenty years To get His child improved Though there's plenty more to do I know... Read more

    Posted on 15 May 2017 CREATIVITY, RELIGION
  • Friend


    Friend of sinners, glorious One You chose me as Your own When I was far off from You My fate was overthrown Since that day, I've come to know The presence of... Read more

    Posted on 06 May 2017 CREATIVITY, RELIGION
  • Frustration


    Frustration in the car park You cannot find a place Your anger's boiling up inside Distorted is your face Why don't you ask The Lord to help He'd love to aid... Read more

    Posted on 03 May 2017 CREATIVITY, RELIGION
  • Futile


    You drive along so happily Upon a wholesome road Things are okay in your life A perfect episode Then you get a certain thought It is against the grain Just a... Read more

    Posted on 29 April 2017 CREATIVITY, RELIGION
  • Future


    The kids have upped and gone to school It makes you feel so obsolete You think that you should find a job To make your life complete The extra money sure would... Read more

    Posted on 26 April 2017 CREATIVITY, RELIGION
  • Get a Life

    If you've come to feed your face Full of Gods unending grace And give nothing in it's place For Gods sake, get a life If the worship makes you groan Modern... Read more

    Posted on 21 April 2017 CREATIVITY, RELIGION
  • Gift


    Where's the gift I've given you Have you got it wrapped away Lying dormant, growing cold Waiting for the heat of day Crying out for what you've got ... Read more

    Posted on 18 April 2017 CREATIVITY, RELIGION
  • Gifts


    We stumble blindly in this life Not knowing what we're for Wondering what our purpose is Striving even more To find the meaning of our walk The gifts we have... Read more

    Posted on 15 April 2017 CREATIVITY, RELIGION
  • Given


    I've tried to give you everything I even gave My Son Provided you a blessed life Admired by everyone Receiving seems to be your thing But giving is a chore You... Read more

    Posted on 13 April 2017 CREATIVITY, RELIGION
  • Global Warming

    Global Warming

    Everybody seems obsessed With all this global warming Ice caps melting, oceans rising Dodgy insects swarming What with carbon footprints The holely ozone layer... Read more

    Posted on 10 April 2017 CREATIVITY, RELIGION
  • God is Love


    Who on earth are you trying to be Someone deep in human pride Straining,striving endlessly To right the wrongs you'd like to hide. What on earth was expected... Read more

    Posted on 07 April 2017 CREATIVITY, RELIGION
  • God

    God is always with you Wherever you may be Sitting comfortably at home Or working constantly He wants a conversation Inclusion is a must How can we dare to leav... Read more

    Posted on 04 April 2017 CREATIVITY, RELIGION
  • God

    God created everything That lives and breathes on earth And we are all designed by Him To share His loving worth But some of us have turned our backs Upon our... Read more

    Posted on 02 April 2017 CREATIVITY, RELIGION
  • Got

    Got is the attitude of haste A sure foundation of needless waste I've got to have it yesterday It's something new, I'll gladly pay Whether I have the... Read more

    Posted on 01 April 2017 CREATIVITY, RELIGION