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  • Pro And Cons Of Living In U.S.A.

    Cons Living U.S.A.

    This year has been the most pivotal, as an immigrant in the United States. For one, this is the first time I was asked at least twenty times what I thought abou... Read more

    Posted on 21 July 2017 FASHION
  • Drinks At The Yard

    Drinks Yard

    Summers are for date nights. Am I right or am I right? For the past month, husband and I have been spending our Friday evenings (and Sunday afternoons)... Read more

    Posted on 19 July 2017 FASHION
  • Ten Year Old Dress

    Year Dress

    This past week on Insta-Stories and Pinterest, I have been sharing posts from early years of this blog, which were written on the topic of marriage and/or... Read more

    Posted on 17 July 2017 FASHION
  • How To Dress With Comfort And Look Stylish

    Dress With Comfort Look Stylish

    One of the joys of dressing for me is to find comfort in what I am wearing. Comfort is when you do not have to fidget with your clothes, when you feel you are... Read more

    Posted on 14 July 2017 FASHION
  • Must Visit: Metropolitan Natural Park (Panama)

    Must Visit: Metropolitan Natural Park (Panama)

    On our trip to Panama I was hell bent of doing something in the nature. We had had numerous beach and city vacations but none where we got a chance to hike... Read more

    Posted on 12 July 2017 FASHION
  • My Tryst With Patience

    Tryst With Patience

    One change I notice in myself in the past decade is - patience! I had none. And now ... I won't say I have it in abundance but I am able to dig deep and find... Read more

    Posted on 10 July 2017 FASHION
  • How To Get Your Silkiest Hair?

    Your Silkiest Hair?

    So you already know that I am not much of a make up person. But what I am is a big DIY Beauty person. If its in my kitchen and if it has (most things do!) a... Read more

    Posted on 07 July 2017 FASHION
  • Tourist OR Traveler?

    Tourist Traveler?

    We are continuing with our Panama hangover here. What's most surprising is that it is six months later. N.B. Below is the Travel Log from our long weekend there. Read more

    Posted on 05 July 2017 FASHION
  • Shoot At Botanic Garden

    Shoot Botanic Garden

    While I was thinking of what to write today, my thoughts were echoing a similar sound. I had a distinct feeling I HAVE written this before. Read more

    Posted on 03 July 2017 FASHION
  • Decoding My Personal Style

    Decoding Personal Style

    I have said this before ... archiving my looks and moments from life has been quite good (and sometimes embarrassing). The melancholic that I am, I feed on it.... Read more

    Posted on 30 June 2017 FASHION
  • #TravelTuesday - Colors of Casco Viejo, Panama

    #TravelTuesday Colors Casco Viejo, Panama

    It has been over six months since my trip to Panama but the vivid colors of their architecture and culture are still fresh in my head. In today's post I am... Read more

    Posted on 27 June 2017 FASHION
  • Art of Pajama Dressing

    Pajama Dressing

    You know, how I maintain my stand on trends? i.e. I don't do trends. Well, that's not entirely accurate. I should have probably said, I don't purchase trends! Read more

    Posted on 26 June 2017 FASHION
  • Are Your Sun Lenses UV Protected?

    Your Lenses Protected?

    This post was sponsored by Essilor as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central and all opinions expressed in my post are my own. Read more

    Posted on 22 June 2017 FASHION
  • Why Is Moisturizing Important To Me?

    Moisturizing Important

    This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #LockInSoftSkin #WetSkinIsBestSkin #CollectiveBias You... Read more

    Posted on 20 June 2017 FASHION
  • Love For Indian Cotton

    Love Indian Cotton

    I love cotton. To be specific: Indian cotton. I know I have said this before, but like all good things, this needs to be repeated - Indian cotton is the best. Read more

    Posted on 19 June 2017 FASHION
  • Weekend Vibes At Dacha Beer Garden

    Weekend Vibes Dacha Beer Garden

    Ever since moving to the DC area we have been going out for lunch/brunch over the weekends whenever the weather is good. I can't stand the winter chill and... Read more

    Posted on 16 June 2017 FASHION
  • Five Tips To Stay Refreshed During Summer Time

    Five Tips Stay Refreshed During Summer Time

    This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #CampaignHashtag #CollectiveBias Summer is just around... Read more

    Posted on 13 June 2017 FASHION
  • Where I Don't Shop And Why

    Where Don't Shop

    "Am I a spend thrift?" - That's the question which has been on my mind this past weekend. I never would have used that adjective for myself, as personally I... Read more

    Posted on 12 June 2017 FASHION
  • Foot Care Regime

    Foot Care Regime

    Summer is just around the corner and I cannot wait to be in open toes foot wear. My feet needs to breathe, y'all! However, earlier this year, when I was... Read more

    Posted on 09 June 2017 FASHION
  • The Farm Living

    Farm Living

    A weeks back we spent a weekend at a Bed Breakfast in Crozet, VA. We had not traveled (together) since February (by choice) and were craving sometime away... Read more

    Posted on 08 June 2017 FASHION