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  • The Patient Gardener

    A blog written by an amateur gardener in the West Midlands of the UK. I am passionate about horticulture and really interested in propogation and learning more about botany


  • Musings from the Sofa

    Musings from Sofa

    Yes from the sofa as I have been incapacitated since Tuesday and spent every day stuck on the sofa wary of any movement which might cause me excruciating pain.... Read more

    Posted on 18 February 2017 GARDENING, HOME
  • Captured Shore

    Captured Shore

    Being bored with this never-ending damp cold weather I decided to bring a little summer cheer into the house. At Christmas I had muted that I would quite like ... Read more

    Posted on 11 February 2017 GARDENING, HOME
  • Notes from the Garden – 5/2/17

    Notes from Garden 5/2/17

    What a glorious treat, two whole days of gardening, in fact the first real gardening time this year. What with injuring my arm just after Christmas planting a... Read more

    Posted on 05 February 2017 GARDENING, HOME
  • Book Review: She Sheds

    Book Review: Sheds

    She Sheds by Erika Kotite is not my normal choice of garden related reading but I was curious so agreed to write a review for Cool Springs Press. Erika's book... Read more

    Posted on 03 February 2017 GARDENING, HOME
  • End of Month View – January 2017

    Month View January 2017

    This time last year I started the year's End of Month meme with a post about the front garden. By the time I had finished writing it I was completely certain... Read more

    Posted on 31 January 2017 GARDENING, HOME
  • In a Vase on Monday – Indecision

    Vase Monday Indecision

    This week was a real struggle so I almost didn't bother to write this post but in life we have to go with the rough as well as the smooth so here's this week's... Read more

    Posted on 30 January 2017 GARDENING, HOME
  • A Year of Stitches – Days 1-26

    Year Stitches Days 1-26

    Having stuck to one of my new year plans (not I'm not using the word resolution) for nearly a month I thought I would share it with you. The project isn't calle... Read more

    Posted on 26 January 2017 GARDENING, HOME
  • In A Vase on Monday – Snowdrops

    Vase Monday Snowdrops

    Finally the first snowdrops are flowering so I thought I would feature some in this week's Monday vase, plus it means I get to enjoy them in the evening when I... Read more

    Posted on 23 January 2017 GARDENING, HOME
  • A Small Sewing Project

    Small Sewing Project

    It is cold and foggy today, not a day for gardening at all which is good as I need to rest my arm having strained some previously injured tendons a couple of... Read more

    Posted on 21 January 2017 GARDENING, HOME
  • Hiking in Yakushima

    Hiking Yakushima

    I haven't written about my trip to Japan for a while but when thinking about how I would address the ' awkward' photo meme I found myself remembering the hikes... Read more

    Posted on 19 January 2017 GARDENING, HOME
  • In a Vase on Monday: Pretty in Pink

    Vase Monday: Pretty Pink

    This meme has made me somewhat obsessive about seeking out something to put in a vase on Monday. I realised that this was the case when I got quite excited to... Read more

    Posted on 16 January 2017 GARDENING, HOME
  • An Award


    How jolly my blog has been included in the top 50 gardening blogs of 2016 by I am really pleased as the list includes lots of my long term... Read more

    Posted on 15 January 2017 GARDENING, HOME
  • In A Vase on Monday – Evergreens

    Vase Monday Evergreens

    So this week's In a Vase on Monday (thats two weeks now) is foliage from the garden, with the obligatory munched corner courtesy of the slugs. I think it is a... Read more

    Posted on 09 January 2017 GARDENING, HOME
  • Thoughts from the Garden – 8/1/2017

    Thoughts from Garden 8/1/2017

    At this time of year any time snatched in the garden is a welcomed treat. Here in Malvern it has been mild but also very damp with heavy rain on Friday and rai... Read more

    Posted on 08 January 2017 GARDENING, HOME
  • Ceiling


    This year I have decided to try and participate in the weekly photo challenge set by Cathy, Sandra, Melissa and Jane - I came across it via Cathy's blog. I lik... Read more

    Posted on 06 January 2017 GARDENING, HOME
  • Aspirations for 2017

    Aspirations 2017

    I have resolutely avoided blogging about New Year resolutions. I am a great believer in doing rather than saying and it is easy to say I will do this or that bu... Read more

    Posted on 04 January 2017 GARDENING, HOME
  • Despite the Odds

    Despite Odds

    There are some things that just seem to defy the laws of probability and my son's wood store is one; it really should have completely collapsed some years ago.... Read more

    Posted on 03 January 2017 GARDENING, HOME
  • In a Vase on Monday – Winter Bear

    Vase Monday Winter Bear

    As I am hopeless at sticking to things I will not start this post by saying that I intend to participate in Cathy's weekly In A Vase On Monday meme. Instead I... Read more

    Posted on 02 January 2017 GARDENING, HOME
  • End of Month View – December 2016

    Month View December 2016

    I have to admit that my lackadaisical approach to the blog and to a lesser degree the garden meant that I had forgotten about this month's End of Month View pos... Read more

    Posted on 31 December 2016 GARDENING, HOME
  • A Look Back at 2016 & Hopes for 2017

    2016 has been one of those weird years full of changes and challenges - both personal and more broadly. I pondered last night whether I should write this post... Read more

    Posted on 29 December 2016 GARDENING, HOME