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By Theomnipotentq
I was out most of Thursday at one of my background acting gigs, and checked some baseball scores on my breaks, and saw the Red Sox with the lead midway through the Tampa Bay game.
I'm still a Sox fan and even with this season deep in the crapper, I'm still checking them out and hoping for a little dignity as 2012 ends.
I checked and saw Clay Buchholz was marvelous, pitching 7 shutout innings.
It was 4-1 entering the ninth inning, Red Sox.
I got home just in time to see a complete meltdown by Andrew Bailey, and Vicente Padilla giving up a three-run shot to B.J. Upton, and the Rays acting like crazed six-year-olds, simply because they won a game in their last at-bat.
7-4 final. Last night it officially became a losing season, and this loss put the cherry on top of that.
Dammit, this 2012 crapfest simply can't end fast enough for me.Uncle

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