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An Easy Split Finger / Change-up

One of the challenges that young pitchers have is how to get the ball to move. When I say move, I don’t mean velocity. I’m talking about getting the ball to “tail,” “run,” and/or... Read more


  • Slow is Smooth, Smooth is Fast

    I’ve often told players that if they cannot perform a task (fielding, hitting, pitching, etc.) in slow motion then they will never be able to do it in regular... Read more

    7 hours, 16 minutes ago by   Meachrm
  • Tell Them They Need Good Vision

    Did you know that studies have revealed that telling someone they need good vision to perform a particular task can actually improve their vision? It’s true.... Read more

    The 23 April 2014 by   Meachrm
  • Young Arms – Overuse and Specialization

    There has been quite a debate raging in the game of baseball as to what is causing all the arm injuries. Before going any farther, look at the following photo... Read more

    The 22 April 2014 by   Meachrm
  • I Believe In Easter Miracles

    I think this game took about five years off my life.It looked for sure the Red Sox were going to drop a Sunday night contest to the Orioles yesterday, as they... Read more

    The 21 April 2014 by   Theomnipotentq
  • Balance and the Brain in Baseball

    The human body is an incredible machine. Take balance as an example. When we perform a task such as walking, our body and brain are performing an amazing... Read more

    The 21 April 2014 by   Meachrm
  • You Know What Happens When You Assume

    John Farrell set a new record last night, one that will never be broken.He challenged a call on the very first pitch of the game.Nick Markakis hit a fly ball... Read more

    The 19 April 2014 by   Theomnipotentq
  • Two out Close Plays at First Base

    Here’s the situation … runner on second base with two outs. A ball is hit to an infielder who bobbles it and throws to first base. The play at first will be a... Read more

    The 17 April 2014 by   Meachrm
  • Keep the Batter off Second Base

    In yesterday’s post I described a strategy geared towards outfielders to avoid giving up extra base hits late in the game when your team is ahead by just a run... Read more

    The 16 April 2014 by   Meachrm
  • Nothing Over Your Head

    If you watch coaches in the dugout late in the game when the game is close, you may see a coach whose team is winning wave his hand up and down behind his head. Read more

    The 15 April 2014 by   Meachrm
  • Not Your Father’s 49ers

    Maybe I’m naïve, but today’s San Francisco 49ers bear so little resemblance to the dynasty I grew up watching that it’s hard to imagine they wear the same red... Read more

    The 14 April 2014 by   Paullanning