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Simulated Indoor Game

Where I am in Pennsylvania, snow blankets the ground and the temperatures are still in the 30-40 degree range. Not great baseball weather to say the least. Read more


  • Base Running – A Yard Makes a Big Difference

    Base Running Yard Makes Difference

    If you have been a reader of this site then you probably know the story of why I call it Baseball By The Yard. If you don’t, watch the video on my Home Page tha... Read more

    The 21 June 2017 by   Meachrm
  • Mark McGwire and Heshers from the Past.

    Mark McGwire Heshers from Past.

    Now that we know the baseball card craze of the 80’s/90’s was a facade with no chance of anyone (besides the industry itself) making profit, we can laugh at... Read more

    The 20 June 2017 by   Gary
  • Testing Your Knowledge of Flags & Sunday

    Testing Your Knowledge Flags Sunday

    Trivia will be happening at Professor Thom's on Wednesday, June 14th at 8:30 PM, with "Sunday Trivia" as the Special Category. I will ask you seven questions... Read more

    The 13 June 2017 by   Theomnipotentq
  • Pitchers – Warm up in the Same Direction

    Pitchers Warm Same Direction

    Warm up in the same direction!As a pitcher, I don’t think I warmed up in a real bullpen until I got to high school. And even then I think only one or two... Read more

    The 12 June 2017 by   Meachrm
  • Slumps and the Common Cold

    Slumps Common Cold

    Treat a slump like you would a coldSooner or later, everyone will catch a cold just like every batter will find himself in a rut or a slump. Read more

    The 02 June 2017 by   Meachrm
  • Fab Four Trivia This Week

    Four Trivia This Week

    Trivia returns to Professor Thom's this Wednesday night, May 31st at 8:30 PM, with "Beatles Trivia" as the Special Category, in honor of the 50th anniversary... Read more

    The 30 May 2017 by   Theomnipotentq
  • Be on Second Base!

    Second Base!

    Challenge yourself to be on 2nd base on every fly ball!You see it all the time in the big leagues on TV. A player hits a pop-up, slams the bat down, and runs... Read more

    The 30 May 2017 by   Meachrm
  • Pitchers and the Spotlight Effect

    Pitchers Spotlight Effect

    If you ever took a psychology course then you probably know that there are many things that can impact how we perceive the world around us. Quite often our... Read more

    The 26 May 2017 by   Meachrm
  • The Baseball Gods Have a Message, and They Have a Sense of Humor.

    Baseball Gods Have Message, They Sense Humor.

    And as I crossed the Sacramento River towards the stadium, perhaps the baseball gods had a message for me with their semi-divine detachment? Read more

    The 25 May 2017 by   Gary
  • Know Your Kennedys On Wednesday

    Know Your Kennedys Wednesday

    Trivia will be happening this Wednesday night, May 24th at 8:30 PM, with "Kennedy Family Trivia" as the Special Category, in honor of John F. Kennedy's 100th... Read more

    The 23 May 2017 by   Theomnipotentq