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  • “Anthem,” by William “Sugar” Wallace

    “Anthem,” William “Sugar” Wallace

    I read a note that this poem is most fun when it is read aloud, and after doing so with a few stanzas, I have to agree.  I love the pace of it, and it’s... Read more

    The 24 June 2016 by   Precious Sanders
  • Different Position = Different Ready Position

    Different Position Ready

    Here is a great picture I found online that shows three different position players in three different ready positions on the pitch.Getting ready on the... Read more

    The 13 June 2016 by   Meachrm
  • Summer is Here….and the A’s Stink.

    Summer Here….and Stink.

    Some random hipster representing my own personal hell.The California summer heat wave is about to begin; and long-time readers of this blog know that in the pas... Read more

    The 10 June 2016 by   Gary
  • Nervous Feet

    Nervous Feet

    Keep those feet moving!One of my new sayings this season is “nervous feet.” Every now and then I will yell out between pitches, “nervous feet out there! Read more

    The 09 June 2016 by   Meachrm
  • Three Pitching Stats You Need to Be Keeping

    Three Pitching Stats Need Keeping

    Traditional pitching statistics (hits, runs, earned runs, strikeouts, etc.) can be very misleading andBe sure your pitchers know what stats are really... Read more

    The 07 June 2016 by   Meachrm
  • Warm up Within 8

    Warm Within

    One of the challenges of being a relief pitcher is knowing how much to throw on any given day. If youSave the last 8 for the mound! Read more

    The 02 June 2016 by   Meachrm
  • The Rickwood Classic

    Rickwood Classic

    If you happen to be in Birmingham, Alabama today, here’s a cool way to spend your afternoon. Rickwood Field, which turns 106 years old this season, is... Read more

    The 01 June 2016 by   Precious Sanders
  • Can You Relate?


    How my vegetable garden would look if I didn’t coach baseball or run a website …How it actually looks at the moment … (yes, this is my actual garden)Can you... Read more

    The 31 May 2016 by   Meachrm
  • “Clothespins,” by Stuart Dybek

    “Clothespins,” Stuart Dybek

    I like how this piece captures the imagination surrounding baseball in children.  And I love the detail — I can just visualize a boy with a bat, tossing up... Read more

    The 26 May 2016 by   Precious Sanders
  • Fly Balls in a Twilight Sky

    Balls Twilight

    Now that summer weather is approaching, more night games will begin to be played around theTwilight baseball. A beautiful yet challenging sky for... Read more

    The 23 May 2016 by   Meachrm