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Two Weeks Into Spike

By Adventuresinamyland

I’ve given up on trying to come up with clever post titles and have decided to move to those annoying weekly recap posts. Deal. 

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•ISP at Food Bank of the Rockies. Lookin’ excited, no?

Two Weeks Into Spike

• Too many games of scrabble with the residents. I’m praying I get assigned to do maintenance or admin stuff next week.

• Word search books are quickly becoming my favorite pastime.

• Some of us worked the Turkey Trot yesterday and I can dutifully report that my tolerance for dog owners has sunk to an all-time low. If you’re going to stand in front of my water station taking cup after cup for your pooch while talking baby talk to said pooch I will not feel bad that some runners accidentally spilled water all over your person. On the bright side, we met some Class 3 NCCC Denver alums, a cute AmeriCouple with three AmeriBabies.

Two Weeks Into Spike

• We celebrated Thanksgiving at a church with the other teams who stayed put here in Denver. All I’m gonna say is pumpkin cheesecake.

• Rumor has it that my diploma has finally arrived safe and sound back in Chicagoland!

And that’s all I’ve got from over here in the land of veggie burgers and long walks around the lake.

Amy x

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