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Torso - Inside

Posted on the 16 May 2012 by Ripplemusic
Torso - Inside Torso's Inside has all the vital organs needed in a healthy psychedelic rock album.
At it's heart there's pumping rhythm section that constantly delivers vital juice. Two talented guitar players regulate the pressure and and spacey vocals breathe sweet life into the debut by this Austrian four-piece.
Out of seven, 70s-influenced rock songs, I think the title track and "Haunting Witches" are two of my favorites on Inside. "Mona Lisa" is a modern-day masterpiece, obviously.
One thing I'm sure of. With Torso, the fuzz I'm so fanatical about in my psychedelic rock has grown into patches of full-on FUR. A big, hairy beer-belly full.
In their own words: "A psychedelic journey. Influenced by early rock. From deep in a hole."
And I'll second that.
There's only one problem with Inside - and it's a pretty big one.
I couldn't tell you where to get this album if you paid me. It's like an apparition, with no physical form, as I'm writing about it. I can't even tell you where to download it or even stream it. I know. Apparently, Inside will be released sometime this year on StoneFree Records, which I'm assuming is the band's label since I can't find any info about it either.
Why am I writing about an album that you have no chance to buy, download, or even stream right now? I don't know...I guess I got it for a submission and I like it that much.
I got a link for the full album, complete with three different cover versions, but I don't think I'm supposed to share. I know, it sucks. Sorry.
I guess we'll have to watch the band's Facebook page for more information about a release date. For now, listen to a couple of my highlights from Inside and hear what all the fuss is all about.

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