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Top 10 Unusual Frozen Gift Ideas

By Russell Deasley @Worlds_Top_10
Top 10 Unusual Frozen Gift Ideas

Top 10 Unusual Frozen Gift Ideas

I think its pretty obvious when I tell you that most the major online stores say the number 1 best selling gifts this coming Christmas (2014) is going to be anything relating to the Frozen film produced by Walt Disney Animation Studios. So I thought I would get in there early and help you out a little with some ideas…

Top 10 Unusual Frozen Gift Ideas


Top 10 Unusual Frozen Gift Ideas

Top 10 Unusual Frozen Gift Ideas

Frozen Themed Flip Flops

10 – Flip Flips

Most kids love walking around the house in flip flops anyway, so these Frozen themed ones are perfect for anytime of year. Featuring Elsa, Olaf, Anna, Kristoff and many more characters there are lots of them to choose from meaning you can stand out from the rest if you get the choice right.

Top 10 Unusual Frozen Gift Ideas

Frozen Themed Fork and Spoon set

9 – Utensils

See! I told you these where the more unusual gifts. But don’t count out this simple cutlery set straight away as they are cheap enough to make a great stocking filler and they will love to use them to eat their Christmas dinner up with!

Top 10 Unusual Frozen Gift Ideas

Disney Frozen Music Gift Set

8 – Music Set

There will be some parents that would find this the worst gift ever! But there will also be some Grandparents reading this who will think it is a great idea and will be loved by their Grand children all of Christmas. Just expect that these might well end up “missing” after a few short, and very noisy days.

Top 10 Unusual Frozen Gift Ideas

Instant Snow

7 –Snow in a can

This is the only gift that isn’t a Frozen themed gift! But it is instant fun for a few minuets and that will definitely get a few smiles even if it is short lived. Or maybe gets loads of them and cover their whole bedroom in snow while they are asleep! Now that is a good idea, I might do that to my own bedroom!

Top 10 Unusual Frozen Gift Ideas

Frozen Jewellery Box

6 – Jewellery Box

Kids love to have somewhere to put their Jewellery and nic-nacs, so what better way to store them than inside on of these fantastic looking, Frozen themed jewelry boxes. Simply turn the key on the back of the box, open lid and you will see tiny Anna and Elsa figurines pirouette to the music Let it Go!

Top 10 Unusual Frozen Gift Ideas

Frozen Luggage Bag

5 – Luggage Bag

If you little ones are going away in the new year why not get them one of these Frozen themed luggage bags to go away with! There are lots of sizes and styles to choose from and most of them look really solid and well made.

Top 10 Unusual Frozen Gift Ideas

Disney Frozen Scarf

4 – Scarf

Given the fact that it will be Winter time when kids get to open their presents why not make it something they can use right then! There are lots of different styles of Scarf and winter hats in the Frozen style so why not pick one with their favorite character on it.

Disney Frozen ice cube tray

Disney Frozen ice cube tray

3 – Ice Cube Tray

There will be some people that will hate me here. Sadly these are just promotional give-away trays!  For those lucky few who got to see the film early Disney gave them all a goodie bag with a whole heap of goodies into it. So you might want to look out for these one Ebay. The image link goes to the original blog post I got the image from. But I will update the link if the product ever gets mass-produced.

Top 10 Unusual Frozen Gift Ideas

Disney Frozen Olaf Chair

2 – Olaf Chair
I am sure that most children will love this beautiful upholstered Olaf chair!It looks nice and soft, perfect for relaxing after a long hard day melting the ice. Sadly these don’t come in adult sizes but if you are willing to squeeze into it then go for it!

Top 10 Unusual Frozen Gift Ideas

Disney frozen Room in a Box

1 – Room in a Box

I think this is one of the most unusual gifts you are going to find in the style of Frozen. This is a whole room inside a single box! Consisting of a canopy bed that has the beautiful canopy bed features a wonderful winter wonderland design and Anna, a toy box what features an adorable princess Anna character print, and 6 bin multi-bin organizer each with their own unique frozen pastel character design! While some adult supervised assembly is required I think it would make any child’s Christmas to have a whole room themed like their favorite film.

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