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Through the Pain, I Always Tell the Truth

By Astylizedhysteria

That’s a lie. I don’t think I know anyone who always tells the truth. I think that says more about the world than the company I keep.

This outfit is from last week, I am really far behind with my outfit pics. Work has been busy and the weekend included more work and an emergency vet visit for a limping Calliope (who’s doing just fine now). So…colorblocking. Colorblocking is a huge trend now, which I find amusing because as a teen I wore a lot of looks that would be considered colorblocking. But hey, any excuse to wear obnoxiously bright colors is a-okay with me!

colorblocking red blue outfit

I threw a jacket on top for warmth, although I think it takes away from the outfit. The shirt is my mother’s. It’s this amazingly heavy jersey-type fabric that is obviously from a time when clothes were well made and worth the prices (J.Crew, I’m talking to you)!

colorblocking blue red peach outfit

These pictures are the best PSA for the need to use concealer ever. All I need is a bloody limb hanging out of my mouth and I could be mistaken for a zombie.

shirt- my mother’s
skirt- Banana Republic (from The Closet)
blazer- H&M
shoes- Enzo Angiolini


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