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"This Is Why We Still Sing The Blues" Movie Seeks Funding

Posted on the 17 April 2011 by Hctf @hctf

Watch the trailer for This Is Why We Still Sing The Blues, a work-in-progress movie by Memphis based director Lee Gordon seeking funding.

Many famous bluesmen die penniless. The companies that produced their music made millions. More are out there and this documentary intends to help. Should the exploitation of these men and women be just a footnote in history? From director Lee Gordon comes this shocking expose about abuse and oppression in the blues world THAT STILL EXISTS TODAY! What sets this documentary apart from all others, is the social action aspect. If we make a blues documentary for mass consumption, are we not continuing the exploitation cycle? To combat this, every blues musician will be offered part ownership in the film. This is THEIR story and THEY should own it.
Proceeds from this documentary will go directly to the blues musicians involved.

» whywestillsing.com

(Thru Thumbrella - Words To A Void)

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