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The Nigerian Charlies Angel!

By Cbhojwani

The Nigerian Charlies Angel!

Travelling to Lagos is always an adventure, one full of unimaginable surprises! For instance, when we landed up at the Virgin check-in counter at Heathrow, we stood behind a woman who had checked in….wait for it……35 suitcases! Covering my face, all I could do was ‘sigh’ as I accepted my fate at the other end, that being a 2-hour wait to get our bags. A valuable travel-tip; when flying to or from Lagos, remember that the over-head luggage space is a very valuable commodity! Always try to get on-board as early as possible so that you can secure some space for your carry-on!

The Nigerian Charlies Angel!

Still, that wasn’t the unexpected event that inspired this post as we experienced an incident that belonged in the Twilight Zone. Driving to the grocery store, Mr.B and I couldn’t move forward owing to some commotion surrounding a large Range Rover. It seems that the driver had smashed the side of the car in to a wall and the passengers were struggling to get out. It was then I noticed the Nigerian lady step out of the car in head-to-toe designer gear! From D&G Shades and a Hermes bag to 6 inch, Christian Louboutin stilettos! I turned to Mr.B and informed him that the shoes cost £3,500 ($5,600)! He predictably rolled his eyes and reversed to find a parking spot.

Disembarking from the car, I was still amazed by the Nigerian woman’s style when i was quickly distracted by the growing crowd. In the center of it stood the stylish woman while a Nigerian man, in a striped shirt, lay on his knees. As he begged for forgiveness I could only imagine he was the driver. The woman proceeded to grab him by the collar and mumbled something. Suddenly, all I could see was the red blur of the red stiletto cutting through the air and heading towards the man’s head. I realized she was actually trying to crack the driver’s head open with her £3,500 shoe!!!!! Anyone call for a Blackanese Angel?

Stylish enough to wear any where, durable enough to crack a skull - Now that's a Christian Louboutin commercial!

Only in Nigeria!

The Nigerian Charlies Angel!

Marriage Tip 45:

A Stiletto, no matter how expensive, is always a weapon!

Welcome to our adventurous marriage!

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