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The Naked and Famous

By Outroversion @outroversion

The Naked and Famous

The Naked and Famous

New Zealand Five Piece Naked and Famous are on somewhat of an ascent, one might say. The likelihood of someone coming out with something as pretentious as that was made all the more likely by them being voted NME‘s breakthrough act or best new band at their awards ceremony that includes categories such as best dressed and best blog. So excuse me if I’m a little peccimistic of praise from that quarter.

Fortunately, having a mind of my own I listened to them to make sure I wasn’t going to be missing out. Turns out they’re fantastic. They are what Chew Lips so nearly were, what I wish The Pains of Being Pure of Heart were. I don’t usually like synth but they pour it over melodies so sweet you might end up with diabetes after 5 minutes alone with their music.

The track i’ve included here, Young Blood is humungous. It couldn’t BE any bigger. They’re already playing two events I’m at this summer and I am all about this! Loads more tracks available on their site. Oh and a couple more on the dot to dot preview ;)

MP3: Young Blood

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