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Sorry Adrian!

By Joysautismblog @joysautismblog

I like to go out with just my daughters sometimes and window shop. It’s relaxing, they aren’t in a hurry and we just wander and look. Tonight I thought it would be fun to go wander around a couple stores with my girls and the boys were staying home with their Dad.

The girls and I went to Barnes and Noble and then Bed Bath and Beyond and just walked around. Oh how I love Bed Bath and Beyond. I don’t think I have ever, ever, bought anything from there but I love browsing kitchen gadgets and pretty bedspreads. I’ve been watching America’s Test Kitchen lately and so I’m drooling over garlic presses, cheese graters, pepper grinders, and rolling pins. Ahh the things that excite me.

After we were done shopping we pulled into the driveway and I wanted to go walk to get some exercise. I am trying to keep my goal of walking my 500 miles this year and I am terribly behind. I’ve walked 102 miles so far this year. Anyway, I pulled into the driveway and the girls and I didn’t come in the house. We just parked and got out and started walking around our usual route around the neighborhood. About half way through my phone rang and it was Glen. I answered and Adrian was totally hysterical in the background. He did not understand why the van was in the driveway but I wasn’t home. I talked to him on the phone and tried to calm him down. He wasn’t hearing me too much so I just picked up my pace trying to get home to him!

I felt so bad, I didn’t even think about that upsetting him so much. Sorry Mr. Adrian!

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