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Some Reconstruction Will Be Forthcomming!

By Everythinganimal
Hello everyone!  Well, as I told you when I first started this blog, I am new to this and I am getting a huge education in all kinds of technical stuff!  It was my goal to create this blog to include animals of all kinds and provide information regarding all of them on separate pages in this blog.  However, I am finding out that this is not really possible using the templates that I chose when I started.
Sooooo, Maxwell and Me! will be going through some re-construction.  We will continue to give you great information and keep up with all the trending stories, but, each species will be getting it's own blog!  Yup, that's right!  I have been told that I can do this and then link them all together some how so that you can search all of them for your particular interest, but, the blogs MUST be separate blogs if I am to provide the info and let you comment on the individual articles and answer your questions properly.
So, in the next few days, you might see some changes.  Please don't think that we are eliminating anything.  Just having to move some pages into their own blogs, so the titles will most likely change for some of them. 
I will keep you up to date right here at Maxwell and Me! and let you know where your favorite pages went and how to get to them!  So please check back here often during our reconstruction.  Hopefully, this will allow us to provide the absolute best experience for all of our readers!  Anyone out there with information that might help make this an easier process, let me know!  I'm open to any suggestions........
Thanks for your patience,
Denise and Max!

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