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Doggy Allergies! Does This Sound Familiar?

By Everythinganimal

Your dog has just come in from our usual walk, then, all of a sudden, he's itching and scratching and chewing himself!  In fact, he's doing it soooo much, that you just can't stand it anymore! What's the problem? More than likely, he's got allergies!

Yes, just like you and me, your dog and cat, and yes, even some of your other pets, can have allergies, just like you and me.  According to an article on "Fox, Tampa Bay" this morning, entitled "Protecting Your Pets from Pollen",  "Most dogs are allergic to tree pollens, weed pollens, sponge spores and mold spores," said Dr. Timothy Lassett, a Bay Area veterinarian.
The difference?  Your pet will itch and scratch and bite himself till you just can't stand it anymore!  They will do it  24/7.  Even waking you up in the middle night with the sounds of the chewing and licking and foot bouncing.  So, now, you ask, how do I fix it?
For most cases, it's simple. According to Dr. Lassett, "The most simple method for cases that aren't severe would be a combo of antihistamines and fatty acid supplements: omega three and omega six," Lassett said.  You can use the standard choices like Chlorpheniramine, Zyrtech or Benadryl.  Although, Benedryl is the least effective for dogs, based on studies.  These over-the-counter drugs are safe for dogs, but, you need to consult your veterinarian for dosages.  Do NOT administer any over-the-counter drugs to your cat as some of these medications can be fatal to felines. You can also see what other symptoms your dog might be showing by viewing the article "Dog Allergy Symptoms" also shown on "The Fox Tampa Bay" news site.
The tree pollen count is higher than ever this year, so, make your pets as comfortable as possible by making sure their allergies aren't making them, and you, miserable!
Read more: http://technorati.com/lifestyle/article/help-my-dog-is-chewing-himself/#ixzz1HPnSyQwb


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