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Pursuit of Happiness

By Vishalkhialani @vishalkhialani

Pursuit of Happiness

So we work hard to make money and this money is suppose to help us by things and happiness.  Seems very simple forumla but even children at the age of 10 have already figured out that this concept is broken.

Its important to have access to money and goods and services but its not the whole picture.

The answer can be found in the question. If we ask our selves what makes us happy then we will conclude that pursuit of pleasure makes us happy. We will notice that buying a new car , clothes or a house gives us happiness ( I remember the movie pursuit of happiness in which Will Smith did a great job. )

I thought the movie was very wrong and it should have been named In Pursuit of Joy. Joy is a short lived feeling which can be achieved through material gains.

So the question you need to ask is why am I happy ?

In an instant you will realize that you are happy not because of material gains in life but the selfish reasons in life. Like living for your family and community.

This question also makes you feel happy once you ask it allowing a revelation to your inner self.

The reason why I was motivated to write this was due to this article.


So what do you think ? I discussed this with my friends and they suggested that I was on some kind of medication to come up with these conclusions.


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