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Post-Holiday Tub Time & Video | LUSH Golden Wonder Bath Bomb

By Blessmybag @blessmybag

I remember a time when I was little and my parents used to give me magic capsules to play with from the US.  They were little pills that you threw into warm water and they’d pop in the water and grow into animal-shaped sponges.  I recall being beside my 4 yr-old self with glee and I was quite excited to identify as fast as I could what animal each pill turned into.  This fragrant gift-shaped holiday bath bomb by LUSH called Golden Wonder reminded me of that time and has just rekindled the delight I once had for bathtime magic in an actual bathtub.  Golden Wonder also has a cute holiday feature, try shaking it to hear small bits knocking about inside that are part of the bath surprise (if you don’t hear anything don’t fret, it just means it got stuck), an action plainly in tribute of how curious kids shake their gifts under the tree.



LUSH Golden Wonder holiday bath bomb Php275.00, KEY INGREDIENTS: Sweet orange oil, cognac oil, and lime oil.  Contains edible gold luster and soluble gold paper stars.

“This isn’t a bath – this is an event !  We loved this ballistic so much, we decided to put one of our most popular perfumes in it, so that lots of people will enjoy bathing in it. Long standing customers will recognize the smell of Snowshowers shower jelly.  “

Please note that it was not this sunny in the bathroom today in fact it was quite overcast outside.  I had to color balance this just to brighten it up, and the video demo at the end of this had to be shot on vivid setting otherwise you would have hardly seen the colors because it was such a gray day.  It’s important to note that in my experience I realized a LUSH bath bomb will not completely cleanse you because they’re different from the LUSH Bubble bars which are actually soaps you crumble and run in the bath.  fOR bath bombs, you fill your tub, drop these in and WATCH, you can choose to watch it happen around you in the bath or wait for it to finish before stepping in.  Bath ballistics by LUSH aka bath bombs provide a visual aromatherapy experience for tub time, kinda like tub fireworks…visual splendor, no deafening bang.


It’s supposed to be covered in soluble gold luster but the one I got lost most of the sheen probably from sitting in the boutique for too long.   Now, if you’ve got a Golden Wonder bath bomb of your own and still want to be surprised by what it does READ NO FURTHER and leave the blog now LOL.  Because next up is what happens once you drop it into the tub.  Read more to see find out what this Golden Wonder bath bomb does and watch the demo video after.

There isn’t a rack of steps when it comes to LUSH’s bath bombs, you fill the tub and drop them in…that’s it.  They’ll fizz and release instantly.  After the delight of the display has completely settled and colored your tub essential oils which supply the aromatherapy will be present.  If you have a kid who’s half goat and flees from cleanliness LUSH bath bombs are a great way to lure them into the bath with sudsy entertainment.  The colors that are released from Golden Wonder are absolutely pretty and I found some My Little Pony memories resurfacing once I saw the little gold stars shoot out and sprinkle all over the tub.




Please note that bath bombs will not act like soap for your body, you’ll still need to soap yourself down with a bar of soap or alternatively also use a holiday LUSH bubble bar like LUSH Christmas Eve to fill up the bath with suds.  Twilight is a lavender colored bath bomb which smells of sweet lavender and Christmas Eve is the half moon bubble bar below, but I used a different bubble bar in the video demonstration.


You’ll need a bubble bar if you want tons of bubbles in the tub that will actually do the job of getting skin clean and moisturized.  I used one of the LUSH Easter carrot bubble bars to fill the bath with bubbles after this whole Golden Wonder display and photo shoot was over.  Yes, I mixed two products and the water turned an ugly olive green because the carrot bubble bar is supposed to turn the water orange but it mixed with the blue, hahaha, it still smelled lovely though.  I know lots of us are super exhausted, some of you out there probably felt like Christmas was one big deadline rather than a special occasion (any mommies out there, holla’ back y’all)…I thought it would be nice to demonstrate the use of LUSH in the tub in a way that would also help some of you relax and what better way to relax than to a laid back song.  Sorry if the edit is somewhat short at the end but that’s all the footage I had and the song was pretty long, but in itself I think it’s a nice relaxing demonstration especially with Colbie helping it along.  Watch this video demo of the LUSH Golden Wonder Bath Bomb set to a familiar radio fave. :)

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