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Playing Games

By Vishalkhialani @vishalkhialani

I got this video link from in my email saying how google is developing ( or developed ) a car that can drive itself. I watched the video and it seems pretty kewl. There are obvious reasons:

  • The amount of accidents will reduce due to human error
  • We will have more time to ourselves
  • Finally we can live like the Jetsons
  • The question that kept on coming in my mind was why is google developing a car that can drive ? Should not that be the job of guys at Ford ?

    hmm.. then I watched a movie called “The Social Network” and I noticed a similar pattern. The pattern is palying games.

    All big ideas are a result of a bunch of kids playing around and coming up with something interesting heck i was 17 when I started my first company. I was a big disaster as it did not have any business plan but we guys had a heck of a good time. I was even featured in the local newspaper !

    So Its important to play games as games help you to develop thoughts and can make a big difference in this world. Just look at how many young adults are creating great companies as a result of game experimentation.

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